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Difference between Normal Delivery and C-Section Delivery

Dr Sumbul Fatima

Dr Sumbul Fatima

  Banerghatta road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2019

   7 min     


Normal Delivery and C-section delivery are two different ways of giving birth to a child, which is decided keeping in mind the safety of both, the mom as well as baby. However, it is usually preferred to deliver a baby through normal vaginal process. If parents are expecting twins or mother is suffering from high blood pressure, HIV, diabetes etc., your healthcare provider will recommend C-section method.

In this article, we have covered everything about the natural and C-Section delivery to make it easier for you to decide the method you should go for.

C-Section Delivery Vs Normal Delivery

Mothers are delivering baby ever since the beginning of time when there were no hospitals or ultrasound machines. Presently, with the advancement in technology, there are options of choosing the way to give birth. To avoid going into normal delivery labour pain, one can pick C-Section as the delivery method. A comparison of normal vaginal birth and C-section birth gives proper insights to parents to choose the best and the suitable one.

What is Normal Delivery?

Normal method refers to the natural way of giving birth to a child, and it is usually recommended. Giving birth to a child through traditional way is associated with some health benefits for mother as well as the child. Below are some crucial points that would help in making the right choice between the normal or the C-section method.

Normal Delivery Mechanism

 In Vaginal procedure, the uterus muscles of mother contract and the baby are pushed headfirst down the birth canal. The birth canal starts between the tail bone and the pelvic bone, at the top of the cervix. During the labour pain, your cervix usually dilates and opens enough for accommodating the head and the shoulders of the baby. Then, the perineum (it is the skin area present between the vagina and the anus) is stretched by the head of the baby until the baby comes out of the vagina.

Is Vaginal Operation Painful?

Well, giving birth through traditional way is painful, but the pain gets dull by an epidural.

In a normal delivery, the baby is facing inside the birth canal that plays a vital role in the delivery. Typically, the baby faces down, but in case they are in face-up position, it can lead to back labour.

You all learn that everything has its pros, as well as cons. This is why; it is essential to keep in mind every point before deciding on the method.

Pros of Normal Delivery Process

Since vaginal birth is a natural way, therefore it is always the first choice. If your delivery due date is near, then it is the right time for you to understand the normal delivery benefits as well as harm for mother as well as baby.

For Mother

• The skin to skin contact during the procedure ensures that there will be a better bonding between the mother and the baby.

• The normal delivery stitches healing time is less. This is why; there is no need to take care of the stitches. All you need to do is visit the hospitals for fewer days.

• If you are opting out for natural birth process, you can also go for normal operation of the baby at home. However, make sure that you take such a decision only after complete medical intervention.

• Normal delivery recovery time is less.

For Baby

• During the vaginal birth procedure, you push the baby out from the vagina. This makes the lungs of your baby expel the amniotic fluid which is filled in them. This allows the baby to breath normally, and there will be no or less respiratory problems.

• When the baby comes out of the mother’s womb, it enables baby to inhale bacteria that boosts their immune system and protects the intestinal tract.

• There are only fewer complications if a baby is born through vaginal delivery. Besides, there will be fewer allergies and baby will begin to breastfeed earlier.

Cons of Normal Delivery Operation

While there are some pros of natural birth-giving method for mother as well as baby, there are specific cons also associated with it. The cons are as mentioned below.

For Mother

• With traditional method, the time and due date of baby’s birth is uncertain. This is why; there is no way to schedule it. The birth procedure completely depends on the body of the mother.

• Sometimes, in the normal delivery process, there are complications which can lead to a drop in the heartbeat of the baby. In such type of situations, anaesthesia is given to mother and taken for delivery through C-Section.

• Vaginal birth process is painful as the mother has to undergo severe labour pain and stress. Also, the duration of the pain is not fixed. The normal delivery pain can be short or may even last for long hours. However, there are some drugs which may help mother with labour and given as per the prescription of the doctor.

• Post vaginal delivery, there could be some sexual problems which may arise in mother due to injuries occurred during birth.

For Baby

• Sometimes, when the baby’s size is large, then the procedure might need assistance while normal delivery using forceps or suction cups.

• There are very fewer chances in which the baby is suffering from any injuries while coming out of the vagina.

All You Need to Know About C-Section Procedure

C-Section delivery is also called Caesarean Delivery, which is a surgical method of giving birth to a child. In this type of delivery, the surgeons create a small incision in the abdominal region. The C-Section incision penetrates with the uterus to take the baby out of the womb. In this, the baby’s delivery can be planned after proper consultation with the doctor.

Besides, it depends on the health conditions of the mother. If the mother has conditions like diabetes, HIV, or high blood pressure, then the surgical method called C-Section cut is a preferred choice. Besides, if any problems arise during the natural delivery process, then an emergency C-Section method is done for the birth. Such issues may include the baby not able to get enough oxygen or labour pain is too long.

Pros of C-Section Delivery

C-section delivery also has some pros and cons associated with it. Read it further to know what these pros and cons are!

For Mother

• Parents get an advantage to plan the birth if C-Section delivery option is picked up.

• In C-Sections, all the labour and stress can be avoided.

• There will not be any sexual problems if the baby is delivered through the surgical method.

For Baby

• If the baby is born through caesarean method, they are less likely to get affected by any problems or infections.

• Baby hardly gets injured if carried through the surgical technique. When the C-section method of delivery is recommended

C-Section Delivery Cons

Besides the advantages of C-Section delivery mentioned above, there are few disadvantages as well, and that must be evaluated. Some of the possible cons of C-Section delivery are as follows.

For Mother

C-Section delivery carries certain risks. The cons are:

• Blood loss is comparatively higher than that of vaginal birth.

• Anesthesia is one of the C-Section essentials which are used for performing surgical delivery. However, the use of anesthesia adds some complications to the health of the mother and the baby.

• The recovery period is caesarean delivery is more prolonged, and there are higher risks of infections too.

• If delivery is performed through a surgical method, the C-Section death rate for both baby and the mother is usually higher. This is due to the use of C- Section anesthesia.

• If a baby is delivered through C-Section, the breastfeeding usually gets delayed which ultimately affects the bonding and connection between the mother and the baby.

For Baby

• C-section is not a traditional but a planned way in which parents and doctors, there are chances that the baby is not prepared to come out of the womb.

• In many cases, there are certain adverse c-section effects on the body of the baby. The babies develop problems with respiration post birth.

Wrapping it Up

Vaginal and Caesarean delivery are associated with benefits, as well as risks. Therefore, it is necessary to take the decision carefully. The parents and the doctor should consider all the possible vaginal delivery facts and C-Section facts before making a choice. For this reason, it is always recommended to evaluate all the aspects before making a final decision.


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