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Coronavirus and Cardiac Issues: What are the risks?

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jul 13, 2021

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If you have a cardiac issue, whether sudden or long-standing, it is required to consult a doctor. However, amid the coronavirus outbreak, not everybody is seeking medical help for cardiac issues — even possibly serious ones, such as heart failure, heart attack, arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) and other heart conditions.

Apart from the focus on COVID-19, heart conditions are not taking a rest during the pandemic. Here is why patients with cardiovascular issues — and those who are undergoing heart trouble for the first time — need to seek care immediately.

Coronavirus and the Heart

The lungs and heart work together in your body to regulate oxygenation. When your lung is affected by a respiratory disease such as COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), the heart might as well be affected. The heart has to work hard in order to pump blood, which may be even more challenging for patients with heart conditions.

Heart Problems and Coronavirus Risk

In case you have any type of cardiovascular disease, you should be more cautious about COVID-19, wearing a mask, practising social distancing and other taking measures to prevent yourself from getting contracted.

Some heart patients might have a higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 infection, and some might be more prone to complexities in case they get it. To add to it, the virus can cause vessel damage or heart muscle, resulting in critical problems.

Risk of Infection

The elderly may have weaker immune trigger systems that put them at higher risk of infection. These patients should take additional precautions and keep taking their medications unless otherwise instructed by their doctor. Younger patients with just high blood pressure may not be at significantly higher risk compared to others.

When to visit a doctor?

In case you have symptoms of a heart problem, there are two very good reasons to seek medical help now:

For some heart issues, every minute counts- Blocked blood flow to the heart or an abnormal heartbeat need medical care right away. A heart attack can occur in permanent damage to the heart muscle within 30 minutes of onset. Delaying help could mean you end up with a more serious issues that could result in a hospital stay or even death.

Hospitals are taking steps to prevent exposure to the coronavirus- Doctors and medical centres are ready to care for patients who have conditions other than COVID-19.

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