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Cancer treatment and daily routine: how to manage

Oncology India

Oncology India

  Jp nagar, Bengaluru     Mar 29, 2019

   2 min     


Cancer treatment can take a serious toll on physical as well as mental health. However, as long as your health permits, it is advisable to keep up with a routine while the treatment is in process. It not only helps in lowering the risk of various complications but also help you manage things in a better way and stay motivated. Cancer may make you feel depressed and you may not want to do any activity, however, it is recommended to do the following things for physical and mental wellness. Here are a few tips to manage daily routine and kill depression or boredom:

1. Have fun:

Perhaps the most important part of the routine is to enjoy your day. Try doing things which you may have never tried but always wanted to and do things which uplift your mood. However, stay cautious and do not tire yourself up.

2. Stay physically active:

As long as your treatment permits you to, stay very active physically. It not only improves your overall fitness but also helps in preventing complications which develop due to a sedentary lifestyle. You can do exercise, or yoga, or consult a physiotherapist to help you plan out. It is important to ask your doctor before doing this and stay within the limits that your doctor prescribes.

3. Try new food items:

You may not like the regular food items as the taste gets altered due to cancer treatment. One great way to manage your daily time is to explore new food items and cuisines that you have never tried. However, ask your doctor for the list of food items that you should avoid (as some food items react with the medications).

4. Create a worksheet:

Cancer treatment usually makes the patient feel fatigued and tiresome. This makes managing all the tasks difficult. Take the help of your friends or family members in doing the chores. Make a worksheet for all the members and assign them specific tasks that you may not be capable of doing.

5. Pursue your hobby:

Be it reading, playing music, gardening, or whatever, just keep doing it! It is important to keep yourself engaged and not let cancer take the top priority in your head. During the treatment, do not give up on your hobbies, and spend time doing what you like and love the most.

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