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Can a Child with ADHD Grow Out of It?

Medihope Super Speciality Hospital

Medihope Super Speciality Hospital

  Malleshpalya, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


ADHD stands for Attention deficit hyperactive disorder which is a mental health disorder that has an impact on their future when it comes to their academics, social life and relationships. It is a complex condition and doctors evaluate many criteria during diagnosis.

The symptoms vary between children but there are certain common signs among ADHD children:

  • They are more selfish and self-centred with little care for other’s needs and desires.
  • This behaviour also makes them interrupt someone or butt into other people’s conversations.
  • Additionally, they have trouble waiting. During activities in class, they can’t wait their turn.
  • Temper tantrums and are unable to keep their emotions under control and have random outbursts.
  • Tend to be overly fidgety and find it difficult to stay in one place.
  • The kids find it difficult to engage in activities quietly or calmly.
  • They show interest in a variety of things, start it off but never complete it as they find a different thing that interests them.
  • Short attention span and lack of focus which makes them incapable of repeating things they hear.
  • Poor academic performance as they often space out or don’t do the work assigned to them.

Treatment options

All children exhibit this behaviour at some point but if it becomes regular and persistent, meet a doctor or psychologist to understand the situation. ADHD is treatable and professionals can determine the best option after diagnosis.

Session of psychotherapy, behaviour therapy or social skills training are someone of the treatment options. Additionally, even parents of ADHD children are trained on certain skills and tricks to dealing with the condition.

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