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Benefits of Yoga Mats

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Sep 18, 2020

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There is no more striking symbol for modern yoga practice than the yoga mat. It is more than a tool used by the yogi. 

The yoga mat is a metaphor, representing the space in which our minds might undergo some relaxation from the stress-laden, turbulent, and unpredictable nature of daily life. 

A Brief History of the Yoga Mat 

Angela Farmer is one of the most renowned and esteemed yoga teachers on the planet. She has been coaching for over 40 years. When she was young, she had a surgery that ended in her being incompetent of sweating from her hands and feet. We’re not sure if you have ever practised yoga on a hardwood area in the winter when everything is super dry. It borders on yogic tragi-comedy as your hands and feet slip and slide all over the place. Downward dog and standing poses, in particular, are just so slippery.

Farmer’s medical situation did not restrain her from practising with BKS Iyengar when he was teaching in London in the 1960s. He interrupted her to use a foam mattress or splash water on her hands and feet for traction. While teaching in Munich in 1968, she came across a thin piece of underlay from a carpet factory. It was the perfect answer to her problem.

When she returned to London, her carpet-underlay yoga mat became very popular with her students. Finally, Angela’s father connected with the owner of the German carpet factory and became the first retailer of yoga mats, setting the business out of his home in Vancouver Island.

The yoga mat, as developed by Angela Farmer, was a therapeutic intervention. The stickiness of the mat relieved a medical condition.

4 Benefits of a Yoga Mat

The use of a yoga mat during the practice is essential for your health, directly or indirectly. Yoga mat being your primary assistant in a yoga class takes care of several things that help you to improve your body posture, and avoid many critical physical conditions.

1. Yoga Mat Assists in Ease of Movement

The soft and thick rubbery material also helps you to stay comforted while you put force on your knees, ankles, and heels during a particular seated pose like butterfly and lotus pose. Without a mat, you cannot do these kinds of poses for an extended period. You will require to hold every position for at least a minute, without a yoga mat, your body parts connected with the ground hurts earlier than the given time.

You can conveniently switch your position from one pose to another with the help of a Yoga Mat. The surface gets overlaid with a padded rug to support you release a particular posture and prepare for the next step instantly.

2. Yoga Mat helps with Stability and Balance

While stretching and arching your body on the surface, you are more at risk of slipping and skidding. This may also direct to injuries and incorrect posture formation. A yoga mat grants you a much better grip while practising and improves your postures. Don’t assume what your poses can turn into on irregular surfaces, the impression of a stretch may reverse and change into a painful experience rather than a mindful practice.

This reason is sufficient enough to let you decide to go for a yoga mat or not. You can achieve every pose with much resistance and improvisation conveniently. Yoga mats coming in the market these days have a sticky channel to grip the surface to enable you to balance as you go from one asana to the other.

3. Yoga Mat preserves your Energy.

A yoga mat is manufactured of a thermal insulator polyvinyl that keeps your Energy by limiting your body from touching the ground. This Energy is vital as your body stimulates different parts and points using the elemental life force surrounding inside your mechanism. Yoga is all about employing the stored and deactivated Energy and supply it to various body parts.

The life force, according to the yogic theories, does all the magic when you practice yogic methods like mudras, pranayama, and yogic kriya, this life force circles in several places simultaneously. However, in the absence of a yoga mat, you are incapable of utilising the vital power because it may flow downwards to the ground.

4. Yoga Mat is your spirit igniter.

At last, aside from the physical benefits, your yoga mat is also your inspiration booster. Every time you see at your yoga mat, it evokes you that you must continue yoga. Wherever you go, take it with you to keep reminding yourself. Once you unroll your yoga mat, it becomes a dedication to have your space and make deliberate use of it.

General FAQ

What is a Yoga Mat?

A yoga mat is simply a rug floor covering to sit and practice yoga exercises. The current yoga mat is just the renovated form of the one used in old times by yogis. It can serve you with balancing, enabling you to use your energy rightly.

What are the types of Yoga Mat?

Yoga Mats can be cotton made or synthetic fibre (Polyvinyl) that can be readily availed from the market. It would be better if you look for size, shape, and colour that matches your need. There are various measures of length and breadth you can opt for, depending on your body size.

Is a yoga mat made of synthetic fibre harmful for me?

Do not purchase a yoga mat that is too old or not well kept in storage. Azodicarbonamide (used to make rubber more springy) in the rubber may wear out with age and may release harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.

What is an ideal Yoga Mat for you?

Qualities of an Ideal Yoga Mat are:

  • Cushion/Padding

  • Non-Slippery

  • Elasticity

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • Chemical-free

  • At least 5 mm in thickness.

  • At least 170 cm in length and 65 cm breadth.

Note: See for the length of the yoga mat before buying it. Usually, yoga mats are available in a fixed size and length.

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