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Benefits Of Yoga For Your Job Stress

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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We inhabit a world invaded by stress. These days, society and the workplace place an unmatched level of pressure on people. Uncontrolled stress can be damaging to one’s well-being, health and mind. Symptoms can then be of an emotional, physical, psychological or behavioural nature like depression, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, irritability, relationship problems etc. The founders gave us the very best methodology to defeat stress acknowledged to the world as YOGA.

Yoga is a mind-body exercise that consolidates physical postures or poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation. Various researches have discovered that a little yoga in the morning, at night, or even on a lunch break, can reduce stress and improve productivity, decrease blood pressure and drop your heart rate. Yoga takes together mental and physical disciplines that may help you attain peace of mind and body and can help you control stress and anxiety.

It is considered that yoga is so useful for stress relief because, apart from the physical benefits that yoga produces, it promotes a good mood, an improvement in mindfulness, and a healthy dosage of self-compassion.

Yoga has numerous styles, forms and intensities. People can profit from any kind of yoga — it’s all about your individual preferences. Yoga poses are also named postures. Yoga illustrates that controlling your breathing can help you manage your body and relax your mind. The core components of hatha yoga and most usual yoga classes are:


Yoga poses are a sequence of movements intended to develop strength and flexibility. Although you can learn yoga from videos and books, beginners generally find it valuable to learn with an instructor. Poses extent from lying on the floor while fully relaxed to challenging postures that may have you reaching your physical limits.


Managing your breathing is a vital part of yoga. Yoga illustrates that regulating your breathing can assist you in maintaining your body and relax your mind.

Meditation or relaxation.

In yoga, you may combine meditation or relaxation. Meditation may help you learn to be more attentive and conscious of the present moment without judgment. 

Health Benefits of Yoga

Try Utkatasana, Ardha Chandrasena, Salabhasana

Improves concentration and focus

A workplace is like lengthy meetings and stressful deadlines – though not always. Getting time out to meditate or for deep-breathing activities can help you consciously calm your mind whenever you feel puzzled. It monitors the oxygen flow in your blood, thus causing you to be more alert and aware which in turn assists you in concentrating on tasks and making better judgments.

Try Shishuasana, Setu Bandhasana, Halasana, Bhujangasana

Reduces fatigue and increases energy

Working non-stop heads to fatigue and stress. You may not sense it, but it grows up over the workday and week. Standing up, stretching or exercising mindful meditation every couple of hours aids in raising blood circulation. This interprets into lesser fatigue and higher levels of energy. 

Try Trikonasana, Purvottanasana, Vajrasana

Boosts your immune system

Antibiotics and medicines assist in tackling the symptoms of an illness, but yoga reaches to the root of the problem and reinforces your immune system. This implies less sick days and much more joy at work over the year! 

Try Sarvangasana, Ustrasana, Virabhadrasana II

Helps deal with physical illnesses

A desk job is similar to a sedentary lifestyle and health problems if you are not physically active. Constantly looking at a computer screen and pounding away at the keyboard can have an impact on your eyes and may drive to carpal tunnel syndrome. Outcome? Drop-in productivity. Keep physical problems such as shoulder stiffness, headaches, neck pains, and arthritis at bay by practising yoga daily. 

Try Vinyasa, Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana

Makes you feel more positive

Yoga benefits you to feel your best, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Since you are concentrated, energetic and imaginative, you are likely to radiate confidence and a better mood, which will benefit your workplace dealings. Everyone will desire to work with you! 

Try Virabhadrasana II, Virabhadrasana III, Utkatasana

Taking only 10 minutes off work each day for yoga can aid you to be more healthy, relaxed and focused. Apart from the postures mentioned above, try Adho Mukha Svanasana, Surya Namaskar, Prasarita Padottanasana, Crescent Lunge and the Tree Pose to increase your productivity. 

Keeping a healthy work-life balance is one way to obtain professional success. 

Some more Benefits of Yoga

Increased Morale

Being stressed at work generates frustration and anger among employees, making them be less motivated and less productive. When your employees are mentally and physically unwell, their morale will be hindered.

With its stress-reducing properties, yoga is helpful in promoting your employees’ mood and holding their anger at bay. It is an excellent way to develop both physical and mental health, assisting them to be more motivated and confident.

With all its advantages, yoga increases morale which will help build a harmonious workplace. So, conduct a yoga session for your employees to support its health benefits and cultivate a healthy workforce.

Increased Creativity

Yoga increases concentration and focuses among employees, causing them to be more productive. With enhanced concentration and better focus, creativity also follows.

Practising daily yoga supports and expands creative expression. It sharpens the inner emotions, balancing the mind, body, and soul. This happens in a clear animation of artistic expression in an employee, helping him to finish tasks creatively and innovatively.

Increased Productivity

Yoga serves not only the physical health of your employees but also helps your workplace in several ways. Yoga raises energy levels and increases employee morale, presenting them with more productivity in their work.

Also, when your employees are independent of any kind of pain or health issues, they will be present more usually and be more mindful, focused and productive.

Better Flexibility

Being flexible has lots of advantages, such as lower blood pressure and decreased chronic joint pain. It also limits injury and helps to better posture.

Yoga poses need great flexibility, and with lots of practice, it boosts your employees’ flexibility. Also, by improving flexibility, they learn how to implement it in other phases of their lives. They determine how to go with the course of things and not get worked up about little things. Situations which felt hard and inflexible do not seem so rigid anymore.

Increased Confidence

Being physically fit and flexible builds confidence in a person. The exercises and poses of yoga are meant to make people more flexible while developing their muscle strength and cardiovascular health.

When an individual becomes stronger and more flexible, he is confident in his own body. This confidence gradually carries over to all aspects of his life. 

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