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Benefits Of Practicing The Art Of Yoga Nidra

Tratak Holistic Clinic

Tratak Holistic Clinic

  Basvanagar, Bengaluru     Nov 20, 2017

   2 min     


Yoga Nidra is a practice that helps relax the body and mind, restoring it to normalcy. After practicing your regular aasanas, practicingNidra, in the end, is ideal to relax your entire body.

In yoga nidra, you consciously focus your attention on different parts of your body one after the other and relax them. This practice helps cool down the body after all the exercises that warm it up.

How to do Yoga Nidra?

Nidra translates to mean sleep so, for this practice, you lie down straight on your back and close your eyes- the shavaasana. Once you are settled, start taking slow breaths and relax your body. Now, begin with the focus on your right leg. Keep your attention there for a few minutes relaxing that part and then move to the next.

Practice this throughout the body without leaving any part while taking slow breaths. Once you reach the head, take a deep breath and just relax for a few minutes and feel all your body sensations. Relax in this state until you are slowly aware of your body then, roll over to your right side and lie for a few minutes. This will cool down the body as the air flows through the left nostril.

Lie down this way for as long as you want before you sit up and slowly open your eyes.

Why Nidra yoga

This practice has one of the most liberating feelings as it relaxes the entire body and is better than any power nap because it increases your energy levels. This practice activates your nerves to absorb the effects of yoga and cools down the body after and the body postures are practiced. Nidra is essential to conserve the energy gained by yoga and gives you a refreshing feeling after relaxing your entire system.

Perform Nidra in a calm and clutter free environment so that all your attention is focused on your body and your mind and body are composed and comfortable. It is ideal to practice aasans and nidra on an empty/light stomach so that the body can benefit to the fullest. It relieves your mind of any worries, energizes you and helps you sleep better.

YogaNidra is a form of soulful healing that relaxes both the mind and body. It restores you as a person freeing you from the stress and worries of your everyday lifestyle. Want to connect to a yoga expert near you? Find the best on Medikoe.

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