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Ball exercises for beginners

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 12, 2017

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The stability/exercise ball is very effective in a full body exercise. It can be used to perform a variety of exercises at the gym or at home itself. Try these set of exercises for beginners to kick start your exercise regime.

  • Ball squats

A simple exercise to begin with that helps in strengthening the lower back and stomach. Rest the ball against a wall and sit up with your back against the ball. Now, slowly move your body downwards till your knees are at almost a 90 degree angle then slowly come back on top.

  • Overhead squat

Lift the ball and hold it over your head, keep your feet hip width apart. In this position, begin to lower the body for a squat and hold at the bottom for a few seconds before coming back to the normal position.

  • Standing plank

Rest your arms and elbows on the ball now stretch your left leg behind followed by your right leg such that both the feet meet. Repeat this keeping in mind to hold the position for 30 seconds. This strengthens your arms and shoulders.

  • Triceps dip

This one works on your upper body especially your triceps and bisceps. For this, first sit on the ball with your knees apart and legs at 90 degrees. Now slowly move your hip forward and lower your body using your triceps such that your arms are lowered by a few inches then lift yourself back up.

  •  Ball exchange

A great workout to strengthen the core and a perfect abs workout. Lie down straight on your back holding the ball with both your hands above the head. Now, slowly lift your legs towards your arms and pass the ball between your legs after which you lower your legs down. Then lift your legs back on top to pass the ball back to your hands.

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