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Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine Headaches

Dr Savita Kalgaonkar

Dr Savita Kalgaonkar

  Ramamurthy nagar, Bengaluru     Apr 28, 2017

   3 min     


In Ayurveda, migraine is called as ‘Sooryavarta’. If we go with word wise meaning then “the headache gets worsened on sunrise, peaks during noon hours and reduces after evening” still it is not true in all cases.  It changes in different cases, is the typical thing of this disorder. Migraine headache is not an easygoing infection to get rid of. Indeed, even with Ayurveda, mild to serious type of migraine headaches take a while to get completely cured & slowly shows signs of improvement in an eliminated way; they normally don't vanish in one go. Ayurveda helps much better than other medicinal branches. 

Generally when a patient encounters such a pain they themselves begin off with headache medicine like paracetamol, ibuprofen or different analgesics. OTC medications may give some alleviation, in spite of the fact that they are usually not effectual for most sufferers, and consequently is an extremely risky & unsafe practice.

Furthermore allopathic pain killers are only a temporary solution. They have a similar kind of solution to each headache sufferer. Allopathy only works externally & does not heal or deal with the root cause of migraine. Researches demonstrate that the consistent utilization of pain killers may have a bounce back impact – real cause of pain. Depending on pain killers may likewise hinder the efficiency of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.

Then again, Ayurveda is diverse; Ayurveda heals the entire individual & tailor made treatment is planned for each unique patient. For instance 5 unique patients of migraine might be given 5 diverse sorts of cures relying on their physical & mental makeup, annoying & alleviating elements.

Ayurveda treatment of migraine confides absolutely to the indications introduced including the psycho-physical form of the patient.  Exposure to polluted air, sleep time, food habits and other triggering factors as well as mental state of a patient are prime important things during treatment of migraine.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Migraine:

Ayurveda corrects the underlying pathology of migraine by improving the digestive fire of body, removal of toxicity out of the body and increasing strength in the nervous system. Complete and permanent cure of migraine is possible with Ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma treatments. Snehapana, Virechana and Nasya are the treatments of choice along with oral medicines and lifestyle modification for the complete removal of symptoms.

Ayurvedic Therapies For Migraine: 

Depending on the situation of patient and stage of migraine headache, treatment varies.  Enlisting few treatments, shirolepa (head-pack with different medicinal herbs), shiro dhara with taila (oil pouring), ksheera (cow milk), takra (buttermilk) as per requirement.  

Treatments like kavala graha, shirovasti and nasya are also beneficial.

Precautions And Home Remedies:

  • Lie down in a quiet, dark room when severe headache occurs. Avoid TV or Computer screen for some time.

  • Freshly prepared doorva swaras (juice) can help to reduce headache if taken for 3 weeks continuously.
  • You could try keeping a migraine diary. Writing down information about your headaches and what you were doing when they happened can help you find out what triggers your headaches. It will help to avoid triggers.

  • Avoid junk food, stale food, vata increasing food.
  • Stop smoking which is the main trigger for regular smokers.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible.
  • Night vigil and day sleep aggravate migraine attack so as much as possible stick to nature clock.
  • Control extreme emotions than suppressing them. 
  • Practice pranayama and meditation to calm down emotions which will help in lessening migraine attack.

Ayurveda helps to cure naturally. Let’s opt for better life, opt ayurveda.

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