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Ayurvedic Tips to Enhance Female Sexual Health

Dr. Madhu Sudan Bhatti

Dr. Madhu Sudan Bhatti

  Kalkaji, Delhi     May 27, 2019

   3 min     


Be it staying happy or be it staying healthy your sexual life has a lot to contribute to it.  Some challenges that many women face as they age is the loss of their libido, and it is understandable if that takes them for a hike. Do you feel this way? If you do, then remember that you are not alone! There are millions of women and their partners facing the same problem.

Female sexual health is directly related to the intimate connection between you and your partner. Any issue with it can also be a source of great tension in your relationship. Well, the good news is that you don’t need drugs and pills to deal with it. You might be wondering where and what is the secret drug?

Well, let us tell you all about it!

What are the Ayurvedic Tips to Enhance Female Sexual Health?

Yes, you got it! Ayurveda is the nature’s answer to all your problems. Given below are a few Ayurvedic tips that you can follow to enhance female sexual health.

1.    Ayurvedic herbs

Yes, Ayurvedic herbs have great potential in enhancing your sexual life. Given below is a list of amazing Ayurvedic herbs that can improve your sexual health:

  • Ashwagandha: Ayurveda herbal remedy ashwagandha can do wonders to improve the sexual health in men and women. It works to improve many parameters like arousal, lubrication, satisfaction, and orgasm.
  • Shatavari: Shatavari is considered as an herbal tonic for women. It helps in improving egg maturation and ovulation and also soothes the menopausal symptoms.
  • Gokshura: Gokhsura is an aphrodisiac that helps in setting the mood well. In women, this Ayurvedic herb elevates the levels of the luteinizing hormone which helps in improving the reproductive system. In men, it helps in enhancing the stamina and performance in the bed.

2.    Yoga 

Yoga is not an Ayurvedic medicine or an Ayurvedic treatment, but when it comes to improving your sexual health, this is the go-to solution. Yoga poses like the standing lunges, squats, seated twists, and prone backbends not just strengthens your legs and abs but also supports reproductive health and libido.

3.    Eat Right

Yes, you got to eat right to love right! Don’t confine yourself to salad and smoothies.  Consume cooked foods that contain high-quality oils, such as ghee, coconut oil, or olive oil. Also, you can replenish your energy by consuming energy rich foods.

4.    Exercise Daily

Exercising daily can naturally boost your sexual health. Therefore, the solution to your dripping sexual health might be a few drops of sweat. Therefore, try yoga or just running, or possibly jogging around the park.

5.    Ayurvedic Formulations & Supplements 

There are many supplements and Ayurvedic products that can help increase female sexual desire and improve their sexual health. These Ayurvedic products are simple and contain extracts from herbs like gokshura, ashwagandha, and shatavari that are amazing for enhancing female sexual health.

Remember to consult with you healthcare specialist before following these tips. If you are looking for a qualified health expert around you, try Medikoe. Medikoe is an online platform where you can connect to various health experts and doctors around you. At Medikoe, you can also get your health-related queries answered by renowned health experts within 24 hours.





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