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Ayurvedic approach to weight gain

Dr Savita Kalgaonkar

Dr Savita Kalgaonkar

  Ramamurthy nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 28, 2018

   7 min     



If you are discovering a way to lose weight, you will get plenty of tips, articles and popular diets, which guarantees that you will lose several kilograms soon which are in surplus to you without the yo-yo effect.

However, if you are aspiring to gain weight, and to put on some muscle on your bones, then it is tough to find healthy and working ways to gain weight. 

The ancient Indian medicine - Ayurveda - probably has all the solutions to our problems. Ayurveda’s natural and holistic approach aids in weight gain by strengthening the immune system, counteracting anorexia and promoting healthy weight gain.  

Causes Of Being Underweight

  • High metabolism– people who eat a lot of calorie-dense meals but cannot put on weight, and so are lean.

  • Too much physical activity – people who perform high levels of physical activities regularly are underweight since their metabolism is always high, and burn a lot of calories consistently throughout the day.

  • Eating Disorders – People with certain eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and bulimia nervosa, are underweight.

  • Health conditions – a person who has one or more health conditions or diseases, might experience a temporary weight loss. 

  • Depression and Stress– People with depression may experience a severe loss of hunger and a considerable amount of weight very quickly.

  • Family History– people who are hereditary thin and have a low Body Mass Index (BMI) are underweight. 

Here are some ayurvedic supplements that help in weight gain if you are underweight:

  • Chyawanprash

Most popular and common tonic which helps in regularising the whole system resulting in required weight gain. It contains 42 beneficial herbs and nutrients that strengthen the bones and muscles in the body. Two spoons of this tonic every day with milk improve blood circulation, revitalises the body, and improves digestion and regular consumption aids in weight gain.

  • Shatavari Kalpa

This herb acts as Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain for females and males, both. It works on the whole body system in its unique way to improve overall strength and give desired changes in the body.  It corrects the system as a nourishing tonic. It only works on an underweight person. It helps to improve the energies of all main organs to show desired changes.

It is beneficial for growing children, during pregnancy, and older people as well.  It can replace the health drink which we get in the market.  This is an ayurvedic health drink.  In case of blood sugar thought one could take it in raw form (powder; churna) for desired results.  This herb hydrates the body helps in maintaining fluid balance.

  • Ashwagandha in any form (churna or ghrita form)

This herb, in any form, churna or ghrita, works in its different way on all main organs.  This herb also works like Shatavari, taking care of all systems. Particularly, during pregnancy, this ( Shatavari and ashwagandha) is the best combination to improve weight and nutrition towards the fetus. This is an ayurvedic way of nutrition. Before starting this particular medicine  (ashwagandha), it is better to consult a nearby ayurvedic doctor for the correct way of administration. Being rich in beneficial nutrients, ashwagandha is used in many medicinal preparations.

  • Yashtimadhu ghrita

Weak immunity is one of the main reasons for underweight as people with a weakened immune system will never be able to gain weight. Yashtimadhu effectively boosts your immunity and improves your strength and stamina.  This is a widespread ayurvedic prescription, so stated here. Need to consult an ayurvedic doctor before administering.

Chyawanprash and Shatavari Kalpa are very common and can be used without any permission from the doctor if the person is nondiabetic.  Others need medical advice.

Dear reader, all these ayurvedic medicines are stated here to make the reader aware of a healthy way of lifestyle.  One should consult the doctor before starting them.

Home remedies for weight gain

  • Eat fruits or drink fresh fruit juices every day or at least several times a week. The most high-calorie ones are bananas; hence, Ayurveda recommends two bananas after a meal.

  • If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can add meat in your meal, you will put on weight.

  • Make sure that your meat should not be fried or cooked with lots of fat, rather oven-prepared or grilled with spices like salt, black pepper, ginger, and garlic.

  • Healthy fats, protein supplements, vitamins and minerals rich foods help a lot to build muscle. Have more milk, curd, rice, wheat, and sugar cane in your diet. Soya is also very useful, as it contains high protein and is a perfect choice for vegetarians.

  • Add ghee to the diet to increase the body tissue, the appetite, and the digestion, while at the same time, it reduces Vata Dosha

  • Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cardamom, cloves and black pepper also help to excite the hunger. 

  • Dried fruits and nuts also increase body mass. You can eat as much as you like. 

  • Figs are also beneficial to put on some weight if dipped in milk for several hours. It turns out to be high-calorie content and a very delicious dessert. 

  • 4 – 5 almonds per day are quite enough to give you the energy your body needs.

  • Vegetables also benefit from increasing weight, but only if they are eaten cooked.

Some more other ways to gain weight with Ayurveda

  • Exercises: If you want to gain weight healthily, physical activities are crucial for the improvement of digestion and blood circulation. Yoga, walking, jogging, tai chi, swimming and other types of sports activities for weight gain are recommended in Ayurveda. 

  • Detox: The disposition of the collected toxins is vital for the normalisation of all the processes in the body. Therefore, periodically detoxing the body is required.

  • Massages: The massage with sesame oil helps to tranquillise Vata Dosha. They not only enhance the metabolism but also assist the body to expel the accumulated toxins.

Ayurvedic medicine for baby weight gain

Nourishing your baby regularly on the pounds during his first year of life can be difficult. 

  • Newborn (1 to 4 weeks old): Your baby is more sensitive than ever at this age. If your baby drops a few ounces just after birth, you need not worry about it as most babies do. The weight will be regained within 10-12 days. Your baby must be fed with breast milk or formula.

  • 1-3 months old: During this stage, your baby will likely grow a few ounces, if the feeding goes well. You can also go for a lactation consultation to find out if your baby is eating enough. Don’t try to feed any solid food to your baby till he is at least 4 months old.

  • 4-6 months old: The transformation from liquid to solids is a delicate one, so don’t forcibly make your baby eat if he isn’t ready. He will gradually be eating solids.

  • 7-10 months old: Your baby will steadily grow with some weight. If he weighs less than 2 pounds or more than 6 pounds, you must see your doctor. You can slowly make your child eat vegetables, blended meat, fruits, finger foods, eggs.

  • 11-12 months old: These two months endure the most significant rewards for all your hard work. By the baby’s first year, he will have tripled his birth weight. 

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