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Ayurveda for treating sinusitis

Kangra Herb Clinic

Kangra Herb Clinic

  Rohini, Delhi     Sep 18, 2018

   1 min     


Sinuses are air-filled cavities present on either side of the nose. Sinusitis is a condition in which these cavities become inflamed and get filled with mucus. It can affect people of any age or sex and people with asthma or kids with cold are more prone to sinusitis. Headache, nasal pain, runny nose, nasal congestion are common symptoms of sinusitis.

Sinusitis according to ayurveda:

Sinusitis is known as pinas in ayurveda. Aggravation of kapha, thus blocking the flow of vata, and impaired pitta causing inflammation of cavities are the root causes of pinas. Factors which contribute to sinusitis include consumption of dry, spicy, oily, too hot or too cold food items, exposure to cold and dusty weather, staying awake late in the night etc.

Treatment of sinusitis:

  • Ayurveda recommends various lifestyle changes and remedies for the treatment of sinusitis.
  • The following dietary and lifestyle changes can help in managing sinusitis:
  • Consume freshly prepared and warm food items.
  • Eat plenty of ginger and garlic.
  • Avoid cold food items, cold drinks, ice creams, oily and heavy food.
  • Drink warm water regularly. You can also add cinnamon and black pepper if required.
  • Sleep on one side with a pillow beneath the head. This prevents the accumulation of mucus and helps in easy breathing.
  • Staying hydrated helps in thinning out and removing the mucus. Drinking warm water, herbal tea are useful while consumption of alcohol, smoking are harmful as they cause dehydration.
  • Spices: consuming spices like pepper and turmeric with antibacterial and antifungal properties can also help in breaking up the mucus.
  • Empty your bowels regularly to establish a balanced environment in the affected area.
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