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Are the calories in pani puri a boon or a bane?

Medikoe Food n Health Expert

Medikoe Food n Health Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jun 12, 2017

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Nobody can say no to pani puri or paani poori or gol gappa. This delicious & tangy feast is undoubtedly on the top of everyone's favourite food list.

Is pani puri good for weight reduction?

Well, if you are a calorie counter, then we have good news for you. Pani puri is useful for weight reduction (if consumed responsibly). Therefore, you can enjoy them without giving it a second thought. Let us tell you how.

Can we eat pani puri while we are on a weight loss regime?

Yes, of course, you can enjoy pani puri once in a while to satisfy your cravings. But there are some basic rules which should not be forgotten while indulging them when you are on a strict diet. We suggest you improvise on it so that you enjoy your guilty pleasure while you simultaneously follow your diet. You can pick an altered pani puri, for example – you can avoid deep-fried sooji puri, sweetened chutney & potato stuffing. Instead, you can have wheat pani puri that will help you cut down the poori calories (or puri calories).

Nonetheless, have them in limited quantity & make the most of your pani puri day yet with few cautions mentioned below.

Calories in golgappa

A plate of pani puri (6 pieces) contains 475 calories; therefore, make sure you enjoy every bite of it since over-indulgence can have an adverse effect on your diet plan.

Remember, balance is the key here!

Best time to have pani puri

Like a few food items, this one also accompanies a notice sign. In case you want to satisfy your pani puri cravings, have a plate full in the afternoon. The high salt substance in the salty water of pani puris can bring about water retention.

Abstain from having them at night as it might hamper with your numbers on the measuring scale keeping the calories in pani puri in mind. Unquestionably don't eat them as a pre or post-exercise nibble.

The best way to eat pani puri

Shift to wheat puris or sev puris since the calories in sev puri and wheat puri is way lesser than the calories in suji puris. Do not eat sooji or sooji puris at any cost. Refrain yourself from consuming too much potato stuffing & sweet chutney with the pani puris (this will help you in decreasing a couple more calories). Try chanas instead of potatoes.

Also, search for a seller who gives you moong or chana based stuffings. It might be costlier, but it's worth it when it comes to your health.

How many pani puris can I eat while following a weight loss diet?

You can have six small gol gappas as a feast for lunchtime. Once your longings for gol gappas are fulfilled, try to have a saltless meal at night, followed by a bowl of papaya & an apple with low-fat milk. This helps with your water retention.

Go on & make the most of your cheat day but make a point to run this little tryst by your dietician once.

In case you are delicate to gluten or gluten-free food, then you cannot have pani puri. People with hypertension are also suggested to stay far far away from any chaat items because of the measure of salt present in it. In any case, you can make your pani puri at home by substituting amchur for salt!

What are the constituents of a weight loss pani puri?

If you want to enjoy your guilty pleasure without feeling guilty then here is what you can do-

  • Avoid sweetened water or meethi chutney

  • Say no to fried puris since they are high in saturated fats

  • Do not overdose yourself with spicy water or jaljeera

  • Go for moong or chana based stuffing

  • Go for backed whole wheat puris. In case you can't find, pick small puris

  • Eat a bowl of fruits such as papaya, apple & low-fat milk later in the day as it will help you wash off the impacts of high salt quantities in pani puris

  • In case you need to reduce the high salt content, replace the general white salt with amchur. Check with your dietician about salt consumption

  • Lastly, keep in mind to make the most of your guilty pleasure (depending on your calorie per cent daily) by taking the time and enjoying every bite you take!

What does it take to burn the calories(475) from one serving of pani puri?

If you are worried about the calories that come with eating pani puri, then you can stop and relax! 

You might think that burning that much calories might require a lot of exercises or intense workout regimes, but there's a much more relaxed and fun way to burn all those calories quickly. 

You can burn all the calories from one serving of pani puri by doing routine chores like gardening and cleaning. It's even better if you like to dance, swim or play a sport. You can burn all the calorie intake from just a quick session of dance, swimming or playing any indoor or outdoor game like badminton or tennis. 

Can diabetics, overweight or heart patients eat pani puri?

However, a bit of anything doesn't hurt, but it can cause complications in individuals struggling with conditions like diabetes, cardiac problems or being overweight. They might be uneasy because of the ingredients in the paani and stuffings. The puri in pani puri itself affects the health of such patients as it is made from rawa and plain flour which is not good to be included in your diet.

So it's better to prevent it now than looking for a cure later in life. This is the only way to live a longer and healthy life. 

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Ajay Chohan |  September 4th, 2017

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