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Are Dogs Able to Sense Human Emotions?

Dr  Md Shiyad K K

Dr Md Shiyad K K

  Jp nagar,      May 8, 2019

   3 min     


Dogs are easy to love, with their cute behavior, big and bright eyes, wagging tails, and floppy ears. Many dog owners find their dog as irresistible and make them a part of their big family. Dogs can sense human emotions and feelings. Animals have their own bonding rituals and social structures, many of which are similar to human social structures.

According to a study, domestic dogs are almost as intelligent as a two-year-old kid. They can understand the meaning of about 165 words and can make sense of human body language. There are many human emotions that your dog understands that you can not know. They have their own language as they sit silently by your side if you need a little peace, or greet you at the door after a long day at the office.

The Truth About Dogs

Humans and dogs have very similar social systems. We both live in tight families (or packs) that are very loyal and are defending each other. We have a complex language of vocalizations, body posture, facial expressions that promote bonding.

Signs Your Dog Is Aware of Human Emotions 

Body Language

Dogs can read you like an open book. It is often said that only 10 percent of human communications are verbal and the remaining 90 percent is nonverbal. Your head carriage, posture, facial expressions, and gait speak volumes about your motivation and mood. If you are happy, your dog will wag excitedly and offer you their favorite toy for you to throw. When you put your head in sorrow, they will slink over and affectionately press their head in your lap.

A dog’s understanding of the body language of a human probably explains their strange ability to find a person in the room who does not like dogs. A fearful person tends to stare and tense up. Dogs tend to misinterpret the behavior of a person who is afraid of being a "challenging" behavior, such as that of a dominant dog that varies with the opponent. This quickly puts a dog in a defensive mood.


The ears of dogs are more sensitive than humans and can hear a broader range of frequencies. That’s how your dog seems to anticipate your arrival at home. Their broad ears can listen to the sounds of footballs on the sidewalk, cars braking, and the jingle of keys which may be nearly inaudible to humans. Through your tone of voice and different inflections in your voice, your dog can understand that you are happy, sad, anxious, angry, or tentative.


The sense of smell of a dog is one million times more than humans. Our dogs have probably experienced you as a "photo" smell, composed as unique and as complex as your visual resemblance. One small change in your perfume is evident to your dog, just like humans notice a person if he/she got a new hair cut or lost some weight.

This may be a reason that dogs detect your illness. When you are not well, your metabolism changes and different chemicals appear in your mouth. Your dog can sense this subtle change in the breath.

The dog can feel your emotions because somehow they know you better than you!

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