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Anxiety major reason behind side effects post covid vaccination

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jul 28, 2021

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Side-effects from the COVID-19 vaccines are never kind, and the uncertainty of developing the reactions have frightened many into getting vaccinated. With most of the reactogenic side-effects deemed as temporary inflammatory reactions, recent reports have highlighted that many of these side-effects are, in fact, a resultant of anxiety and not the covid vaccine in itself.

New research executed by a government panel has noted that shockingly, over a 30% of the reported conflicting events post-vaccination observed in India were associated with anxiety.

What do the studies state?

The government panel stated in a study of 88 cases, 61 cases had a consistent general association to vaccination, 37 were substance-related reactions, 22 were anxiety-related reactions, and two were found to be error related reactions.

Eighteen cases were observed to have an inconsistent causal association to covid-19 vaccination (coincidental - not linked to vaccination), involving three deaths, while nine cases were in the moderate category, involving two deaths.

The research report suggested that women were seen to have higher anxiety levels than men in taking the vaccination, the reason being the phobia of needles.

Out of the 61 cases of AEFI, just nine adverse events were reported after getting Covaxin, while the rest were after taking the Covishield jab. Out of the 22 anxiety-concerning cases, 16 were post-vaccination with Covishield and others after taking Covaxin.

The outcomes of the causal assessment were out on June 28 after review and approval by the AEFI committee.

What explains anxiety post-vaccination?

A clinical psychologist and psychiatrist from a private hospital in Delhi stated that anxiety was not something that should be added to the list of causes of serious side effects post COVID-19 vaccination.

He said in different vaccines, as well, anxiety was listed among the beneficiaries but not as an AEFI. "Breathlessness, lack of sleep, excessive worry have been listed as side effects of COVID-19 vaccination, but it was never acknowledged as an AEFI," the doctor said.

On asking why anxiety was listed in more than 50 per cent of serious AEFI cases, Nagpal said unnecessary-extreme worry of the effect of taking the vaccine could be a cause.

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