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An everyday baby skin care routine

Dr Nandeesh B

Dr Nandeesh B

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Apr 27, 2018

   1 min     


Baby skin is super soft, smooth and simply silky to touch. Caring and protecting your baby’s skin is an important responsibility as the skin is delicate and prone to irritations and allergies. Here’s a daily routine to keep your baby’s skin supple and nourished.

  • Cleansing 

A regular night time routine bath works great on baby skin. A lukewarm water bath has a calming effect on the baby and removes excess oil and dry skin. In areas like the bottoms you can use a pH-balanced baby soap.

  • Moisturising 

Moisturising baby skin at least two times a day helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Moisturisers and lotions nourish the skin, replenish oils etc. that have been lost and work like barriers that protect skin. Additionally, they keep the skin hydrated and prevent dry skin. Always opt for fragrance-free ones to prevent allergens which are commonly found in such products. Pick exclusive baby care products that are free of harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens.

  • Prevention

There are a host of skin conditions that babies are prone to like diaper rashes, cradle cap or eczema.

Opt for hydrating moisturisers like emollients especially at night to prevent diaper rashes.

Gentle, balanced soaps and lotions help in preventing eczema.

A routine bath using a soft-bristled brush from head to toe works to prevent cradle cap and baby acne.

Avoid exposing newborns to direct sunlight as the rays can be harmful and once they are 6 months old you can begin using sunscreens before you step out with them. If the skin turns red due to sunburns, you can use a cold compress on the affected area followed by a soothing baby lotion.

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