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All you need to know about Dark Circles

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Under the eyes dark circles are a typical disorder for both men & ladies & is sometimes found in kids as well. As individuals age, the skin gets thinner & collagen is lost, at times improving the presence of veins underneath the eyes & making that territory seem darker. Dark circles under the eyes are not really an indication of tiredness, but rather stress & weariness appear to exacerbate the facial appearance of many individuals, including their propensity to create dark circles.

Conditions like local swelling or fluid imbalance prompt puffy or swollen eyelids can bring about shadows that make the region under the eyes seem darker. Injury can bring about darkening of the whole eye zone. A few people find that dark circles around their eyes tend to keep running through their families also.

Generally, dark circles under the eyes are not an indication of a serious restorative condition.

Reasons for Dark Circles 

  • Absence of appropriate consumption of water - It is vital to flush out toxins from your body regularly. Begin with at least 10 - 12 glasses of water in your everyday consumption.
  • Hemoglobin Levels - You also need to check on the internal issues with regards to your hemoglobin levels & if there is any weakness get it diagnosed by your doctor.
  • Hereditary causes – In many cases, the explanation behind dark circles might be hereditary and not be straightforwardly identified with your food intake. In such a case, you won't be able to get away from them totally yet once if you are able to do so, will surely be able to reduce them definitely.
  • Restlessness - For the night brats who party hard, smoke or drink, dark circles will undoubtedly show up. Balance out your way of life and get appropriate rest.
  • Tension and stress - Most individuals who are stay worried also have rest issues. It is possible that they experience the ill effects of improper rest and may stay relentless not getting the chance to rest. They regularly wake up drowsy in the morning.
  • Improper eating routine - Junk, additive loaded foods and absence of green vegetables and insufficiently nourishing diets will likewise make the skin look pale and give you dark circles.
  • Prolonged sickness - When reviving from a long sickness, dark circles could start to show up because of weakness inside.
  • PC hours - Long hours working on the PC can affect your the eyes and can prompt eye stress and dark circles. Cover your eyes with your palms each hour to unwind eye muscles and enhance blood circulation.

Home solutions for treat dark circles 

Given underneath are 9 home solutions to reduce dark circles around your eyes. The natural options can be utilized overnight to help dark circles as well as treat fine lines and puffiness.

  • POTATO : Apply some potato juice under the eyes for around 15 minutes or overnight. The regular dying properties in potato will reduce the dark circles over time.
  • CHAMOMILE OR GREEN TEA : To lessen puffiness and reduce dark circles, douse some cotton pads in chamomile or green tea, cut them in half and utilize it under your eyes as an eye mask.
  • ROSE WATER : To ease down and soothe tired eyes utilize rose water under the eyes. Rose water tones and helps the skin under the eyes.
  • TOMATO : Revive the eye region by applying tomato puree which is one of the best solutions to treat dark circles. Churn a tomato into a thick paste and apply it under the eyes to help and light up the skin.
  • HONEY : Apply a thin layer of honey to revive the skin under the eyes. Leave it under the eyes for 20mins or overnight.
  • CUCUMBER : The most widely recognized solution to treat dark circles and puffy eyes is using cucumber on your eyes. Put cucumber pieces or juice to reduce dark circles as well as to calm and soothe the eye portion
  • MINT : Put a little amount of mint squeeze under the eyes for 30 minutes or overnight. Mint leaves help to revive and light up the skin.
  • ALOE VERA : Put a little amount of aloe vera gel simply under the eyes to relieve and revive the skin.
  • MILK CREAM : If you don't have an eye cream then use a little amount of cool milk. With your ring finger massage around the eyes with milk cream before going to bed to moisturize and condition the skin.
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