{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Medikoe HealthTech Expert","company_url":"Medikoe-HealthTech-Expert","articleId":1578,"id":1578,"creator_id":45756,"title":"Microsoft and Median coming together for better oncology diagnosis & monitoring methods","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p>Median Technologies (ALMDT), a main therapeutic imaging arrangements and specialist organization for picture elucidation and administration in oncology, and Microsoft reported a joint worldwide activity in the quickly developing Precision Medicine market to grow new malignancy location, conclusion and observing techniques utilizing Big Data examination.<\/p><p>As a major aspect of the activity, Median Technologies will team up with Microsoft to introduce its pivotal imaging biomarker phenotyping framework (IBIOPSY) on the Microsoft Azure cloud Median-Microsoftcomputing stage. On Azure, IBIOPSY will give capacities to handling and breaking down medicinal pictures, extricating biomarkers of ailment progressively for malignancy conclusion and treatment purposes.<\/p><p>"Accuracy Medicine is going to upset how indicative and natural information is utilized to pinpoint and convey mind that is preventive, focused on and successful" said Fredrik Brag, CEO at Median Technologies. "Removing biomarkers of illness from therapeutic pictures is at the center of the Precision Medicine exertion. Enormous Data figuring and examination will permit effective preparing and investigation of imaging biomarkers which is fundamental for early discovery of growth and checking of new focused on tumor medicines. Our joint effort with Microsoft will permit us to convey these arrangements into routine clinical practice on a worldwide scale on the Azure Cloud Computing stage."<\/p><p>"Microsoft Innovation groups are focused on giving their specialized ability to wellbeing experts who utilize therapeutic pictures in their day by day schedule. We are pleased to work together with Median on the IBIOPSY extend and to bring inventive advancements at the administration of disease research", said Bernard Ourghanlian, boss innovation and security officer at Microsoft France. "Without a doubt, we are, like never before focused on tending to the greatest difficulties in malignancy recognition, analysis and observing, by offering access to the most recent and most creative advancements. By exploiting the capable Microsoft Azure cloud stage, IBIOPSY will give quicker imaging and wellbeing information examination and will quicken the disclosure and conveyance of new biomarkers for disease analysis and treatment checking."<\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-02-14 12:34:16","updated_at":"2019-01-20 08:59:28","topic":"Bigdata, Technology, Microsoft, IBIOPSY, Median Technologies","url":"Microsoft-and-Median-coming-together-for-beter-oncology-diagnosis-monitoring-methods-1578","status":0,"view_count":1646,"old_url":"microsoft-and-median-coming-together-for-better-oncology-diagnosis-&-monitoring-methods"}}