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What is Udwarthanam?

Dr. Mini Nair

Dr. Mini Nair

  Koramangala, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 13, 2017

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According to Ayurveda Udwarthanam is a body toning program, with application of a combination of prescribed herbal powder and oil on the entire body .In Ayurvedic system,Udwarthanam is used in the treatment to reduce fat and strengthen the body, at the same time taking care that the body does not become too rough and dry in the whole process.

A lot of excess water is lost from the body. Also as the pores open the herbal oil mixed with the paste percolates deeper into the skin inducing its fat liquefying properties.

Benefits of Udwarthana - Can be used to lose weight, improve skin complexion, de-stress and relax and as a natural full body exfoliation treatment.

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