{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Soul Kshetra","company_url":"Soul-Kshetra","articleId":3342,"id":3342,"creator_id":53484,"title":"Healing with Herbs: The Wisdom of Ancient Remedies.","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p>Do you want to feel more empowered in your understanding of how herbs work in the body?<\/p><p>Rediscover Mother Nature’s brilliant engineering and the intelligence of herbs to promote well-being in our daily lives. Expand your knowlege.<\/p><p>The body has hundreds of pressure points.( marma) Imagine them like electrical outlets. Each is a place where the underlying meridian’s electrical charge runs close to the surface and is easy to access. <\/p><p>Typically, an pressure point lies in an indentation, like the hollow at the temples or the notch between the collarbones at the top of the sternum. In fact, “The Chinese character for pressure point conveys more of a cave or an opening,” its says, explaining that “point” probably came into use later when acupuncture brought needles into the picture.<\/p><p>Soulkshetra presents Rare opportunities to learn self healing with kitchen herbs and pressure points secrets directly from expert.<\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-06-14 23:19:41","updated_at":"2019-01-14 09:54:35","topic":"Ayurveda, ","url":"healing-with-herbs-the-wisdom-of-ancient-remedies-3342","status":0,"view_count":111,"old_url":null}}