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Tooth Grinding: Ways To Stop It

Dr Gowher Yusuf

Dr Gowher Yusuf

  Hal 3rd stage, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


For most kids, occasional grinding causes no problems and they overgrow the habit. But if your child’s grinding is persistent then you should see your health care provider.


Tips to help to stop your child’s habit:


  • Regular exercise can help your child relieve stress and muscular tension, which is susceptible individuals could be the cause if nighttime tooth grinding.

  • Slow down just before bedtime. No more wrestling, tag etc before bedtime. Tight muscles need time to relax before child goes to sleep.

  • Try an early to bed treatment. Your child may be overtired and that might trigger tooth grinding during sleep. An early bedtime might help.

  • Skip the bedtime snack. If digestive juice are working and causing discomfort leading to tooth grinding during sleep.ake sure your child does not eat or drink anything except water one hour before bedtime.

  • Talk out your child’s problems. If your child has some problem talking about it might stop her from tooth grinding.

  • Apply wet, warm compress. If the jaws are aching in the morning apply warm-wet compress to reduce the pain.

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