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  Old airport road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Since breathing air and eating food is the most primary function for each and every individual to sustain life, the breathing apparatus and the digestive system are indeed the most valuable of our bodily assets. In fact it is the health status of these two primary systems that actually reinstate the health standing of the other no less ordinary systems within our anatomy.

When we intake food into our mouth it is meant to travel down into our bowels, broken down into more simpler soluble particles and forms and then distributed to the rest of our body in the form of energy. This process is called digestion and most of the time we imagine that the physiological act of digestion begins and end somewhere deep within our guts. The fact, however is that the process of digestion begins as soon as we put a morsel into our mouth and we chew on it. The first enzyme that works to break down of solid food particles into smaller fragments is the saliva and the first tool or equipment to aid in the process of breaking down food is our teeth.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the teeth are also one of the most important parts of our physiological systems and keeping its most important function in mind nature has had it in its own way to make it out of the hardest substance present in our body. The teeth therefore are not only one of the most important of our system’s apparatus but also the most overworked and most exposed to a number of semi toxic and sometimes even toxic substances. It is, ergo, up to us to take the best care of it and see to it that they are kept clean and shiny and up to its job.

Despite the best care taken, our teeth run into a number of problems owing to the fact that its main job is to tackle alien objects and make it suitable for our consumption. Bleeding gums, bad breath, breakage and chipping off of tooth particles, falling off of a tooth are all everyday predicaments that our sets of incisors, canines, premolars and molars have to face. If the food that we take is not adequately digested and distributed into the system we are sure to encounter a number of pretty dire physiological quandaries and in order to have a perfect sequence of digestion we must be able to sport a feisty set of impeccable teeth.


In order to have and show off an up to date set of teeth we must take good care of it. We actually do not have to do much but just keep in mind that it has to be well cleansed every morning and every day before we go to bed. It should also be kept in mind that over doing the cleansing process too can affect the tooth in adverse ways.


The teeth are our asset which needs to be well used and looked after!


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