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Squint: Help your child’s vision

Dr Gowher Yusuf

Dr Gowher Yusuf

  Hal 3rd stage, Bengaluru     Feb 13, 2017

   2 min     


Exercise 1: Place your index finger about 12 inches away from your child’s eyes, gently ask her to gaze at the tip of your finger for 5-10 seconds. Now gradually and slowly move your finger closer and closer to her eyes. Practice this for 3-4 minutes, a few times a day. Afterwards, ask her to blink or squeeze her eyes shut to relax them.


Exercise 2: When you are outside, make your child practice looking at something very close, then gradually move her focus further and further away. Make her practice this for 30 seconds or so at a time whenever she is outside.


Exercise 3: Move your eyes as far upward as you can. Take one breath in and out slowly. Move your eyes as far downward as you can, count one breath. Repeat this 4 times.


Exercise 4: Ask your child to move her eyes as far to the right as she can, count one breath. Then move the eyes as far to the left as she can, count one breath. Repeat 4 times. Remember to close the eyes and rest after each set of 4 repetitions.


Exercise 5: Ask her to move her eyes as far up and to the right as she can, find a point in her vision to focus on, count one breath. Do the same thing in the far left bottom point in her field of vision. Repeat 4 times.

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Now do the same thing in reverse, top left and bottom right, 4 times. Don’t forget to blink and relax the eyes if they become too strained.


Exercise 6: Now we’re going to practice eye-circling. This is easy, we’re going to start by moving our as far upward as we can, and then moving them counter-clockwise. Do this slowly and make a full circle of your vision. Repeat in the opposite direction.


Palming: This exercise is crucial to relaxing the eyes after we have completed our exercises. It has a very calming effect and relaxes the nervous system.


Ask her to sit up straight, back erect, focus on her breathing. Now take her hands and rub them vigorously together for 15 to 20 seconds. Put her palms over her eyes, fingers interlaced. Ask her to breathe deeply. 



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