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Speech Therapy for Kids

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Language disorders are the most common type of developmental delay. The receptive language is late in those children who suffer from linguistic and discourse lag.

If your child is lagging with his speaking skills or understanding of the languages, your children might be suffering from these delays.  

Here is how you can spot these while seeking some of the related symptoms:

  • 3-4 months of age: If your child does not respond to noises, it can be a case of developmental delay. 

  • Four months of age: If the child does not try to imitate sounds by this age, he may be a sufferer for developmental delay speech. 

  • One year of age: If the child does not utter a single word by this age, he is developing slowly.  

  • Two years of age: If the child does not speak more than 10-12 words till this age, he has developmental delays.  

Speech and language development therapy is a service that aids in improving a child's vocal abilities and language. The professional called SLPs or speech-language pathologists provides services to help your child overcome speech disability and have a method which targets mouth coordination to produce sounds that form words and language expression through oral and different forms of written communication. They help with speech issues and language conditions like dyslexia.

Speech Therapy Evaluation in a Toddler

The first and most important thing is the evaluation.  

What do speech therapists do? The therapist needs to understand what the problems are and in general, what the child is like. They ask questions to understand what the speech and language barriers are and of course, their medical history. 

They also evaluate the child's hearing and communication capabilities by giving them specific tasks and situations to finally form a written report for their understanding. Additionally, this report will also make the family understand what the requirements are how the sessions will be going forward. 

After evaluation, the therapists provide a tailor-made treatment procedure based purely on the patient's needs. Each session is unique and works towards improving the speech and any other issues the person is facing. The sessions could be in the clinic, school or at home itself depending on what the requirements are and what the therapist thinks is necessary.

Depending on their needs, therapists use many tools during treatment sessions like speck buddies. These tools teach them how to produce the right sound, and in the case of children often, their favourite toys are used to build interest and attention. Engaging them with their favourite toys or anything else within their line of interest makes the session more fruitful and results seen are higher. 

Speech Therapy for a Toddler at Home

Early intervention of therapy activities is essential to help your child's speech delays, communication skills or language delays. 

1. Reading

Reading can be the significant therapy you can do with your child. You can probably ask questions about the pictures, you may ask your child to point out to specific items on each page or ask him or her to think of any incident or similar to that if your child has had experienced it anytime.  

These practices help your child to make interconnections with what he or she is harking. It may happen that your child is reading the same book time and time again. Understanding the same story over and over helps foster familiarity and security while building language skills at the same time. 

2. Listening with keen Attention

Can you remember that childhood game of telephone? A telephone is a remarkable way to teach your child to listen to your words and deliver the same to another one.  

To play this game, have your child and friends or siblings and make them stand to form a circle. One of the players whispers a word to the other, and that player whispers the same word to the next player. 

The motive is to end up the game with the same starting phrase. While talking to your children, offer any meaningful responses to uphold your children's language, their ideas and emotions. Treat them with determination as they want to feel like they are being heard. 

3. Make it FUN and Entertaining

Everyone wants some enthralling procedures for learning new things. An interactive learning medium not only helps to grasp things quickly but also it can be remembered for a longer time. 

Toddlers also want to experience learning things with fun and interactive formulas. They will not respond if he or she feels like the activities are "boring" or just a "homework" that they have to complete by anyway. They cannot learn in this manner. Instead, they will wish not to participate in such practices, and finally, they will be reaching nowhere, with no development skills.  

Hence, You should make each speech therapy session, for which your child will look forward and participate actively to grow up their mental and motor ability. 

4. Encourage Oral Communication

Regular sessions of storytelling with your child works wonder to enhance their sounds and words, speech and verbal skills. You can ask any thought-provoking or open-ended questions associated with the stories you share with them, instead of asking him a question that contains the answers of Yes or No. 

For instance, you may ask "What would you do if you were the main character of the story?" By doing these, you are stimulating your child to express his or her ideas into a detailed response. You will eventually find that your child can deliver his or her thoughts without the fear of being right or wrong.

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