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Scarring with hair transplant with strip Vs Extraction

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

  Lavelle road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


I am amazed to read articles which say that FUE extraction technique for hair transplant is scarless,

and then get to see the opposite in reality,is FUE scarless as advertisements say, the answer to this is yes if the right machine is used and no if improper instruments are used,

Why has FUE gained popularity over the traditional strip technique is not because it is a superior technique especially when large number of grafts are required, but because any doctor can now setup a Hair Transplant Clinic with literally no assistants, where as the traditional hair transplantwith strip requires one to maintain well trained huge team of assistants who cut the strip into individual grafts, maintaining a team like this is not easy as they tend to leave over a period of time due to various reasons.

My experience in hair transplant surgery runs over 10 years, i started with the strip technique and then graduated to NEOGRAFT automated extraction technique quiet early in my practice ,in fact we pioneered NEOGRAFT technique in India way back in 2009 ,however it took me some time to master this technique,and now we routinely do FUE of upto 2500 plus grafts, however this technique of FUE has its limitations, one cannot extract large numbers of scalp hair ,so mega and giga sessions cannot be done in a single sitting,

i find it strange that i see advertisements saying they extract 6000 to 9000 grafts in a single sitting, if this is scalp hair i do not agree with this scenario, the maximum i have gone with great difficulty is 3000 grafts in one sitting, and by then i run out of donor area, if more is required then my clients come back to me after 3 months to assess how their donor area looks like.

however with the strip technique upto 3000 to some times 4000 grafts can be done in a single sitting with minimal scarring in donor area.


This is scarring with trichophytic closure in a strip technique which yielded 3000 grafts.


This is scarring after Neograft extraction technique done at my clinic.


Scarring following FUE done with an improper extraction device,requiring a corrective surgery by me.

The entire purpose of this blog is not to glorify my clinic or the techniques i follow here ,and defame others , its just an educative blog to know what can happen when cheap instruments are used in Hair Transplant Surgery, one needs to understand that not all FUE clinic use the same devices so the next time you decide to do a transplant please do some research on what they use and not what they charge you which is secondary.

dr vivekanand.

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