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Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   3 min     


Food has invaded IT, and how.

Leveraging on a huge class of people with no time to cook and technology that’s been an enabler, the time has never been better for entrepreneurs to tap the food delivery market.

Jiyo Natural ( is seeking to establish its presence in this space with the key differentiator being their tailored-for-you, healthy meals. When you sign up for their meals, you first have a call with their in-house dietitian, who then, based on your likes/dislikes, allergies and body type, makes a recommended diet plan for you. Now, hearing the word ‘diet’ may make your food antenna go all awry, but believe me, it’s quite amazing what a good spread can be rustled up, even when you want to keep them calories in check.

Jiyo Natural | Healthy Eating for Busy People, Bengaluru 

Healthy choice for busy peopleLet’s have a look at the different aspects of this food delivery service:

Time of meal/Packing: the food gets delivered to your designated address at meal time. Choose your meal: either lunch or dinner. Or even both. It’s neatly packed, either in a ready food tray or in a stacked tiffin carrier with a Tupperware cover. Honestly, I found it OK either ways, with a slight preference towards the tiffin carrier. It gives a dabbawaala meal feeling, that’s incredibly hard not to fall for.

The Menu: I had a chance to sample two of their meals. One was part of the Jiyo Health package, which is their generic product, comprising of a salad, two sabzis/curries, dal, rice and a dessert. The other was their more personalized Jiyo Manage package, which also tends in the same direction, except that this one didn’t contain any rice, but rather had a broken wheat Upma. What really strikes you with both these meals is the judicious/almost threadbare use of oil and the katori sized portions. They manage to satisfy your palate, satiate your hunger and at the end of the meal, you don’t feel bloated or heavy. Their official handout/website promised variations in the cuisine and new dishes in every meal of the week, so that’s definitely something I’d look forward to.

The Taste: The biggest thing Jiyo Natural has going for it is the home-cooked feeling, bordering on solace, that their food provides. And that’s really the key to succeed in this health+diet conscious market. I mean, think of it like this: you have a combination of expert diet advice and healthy yet tasty food. The portion are perfect, and there’s dessert to boot!!

The not-so-goods: Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything. Eating this kind of food everyday would be a bit of a bore, for those who opt for their packages, but they promise that they have enough variations in their menu to keep food lovers interested. And I’ve not really gone beyond two meals. So I’m gonna take them on their word on this topic.

Overall: I’m impressed. It’s been some time since something simple and homely has been sampled here on THE 3 HUNGRY MEN. This one ticks all the right boxes, and looks very promising, even in the long run. Go on, login to their website, register and do a course of Jiyo Natural. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it, and who knows, it might also bring about a change for the better in your dietary habits.

Written by: Article & Photos by Vinayak Kini – Official Team Member, The 3 Hungry Men – Bangalore

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