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Tratak Holistic Clinic

Tratak Holistic Clinic

  Basvanagar, Bengaluru     Feb 4, 2017

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What is brown sugar?

Heroin, a highly addictive drug, is derived from the morphine alkaloid found in opium poppy plant and is roughly 2 to 3 times more potent than morphine. It is usually injected, smoked or snorted up the nose. It exhibits euphoric ("rush"), anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties. Heroin typically comes in three forms: a white powder, brown powder and a black, gooey substance known as black tar heroin. Like other forms of heroin, brown heroin is made from morphine, which comes from the milky sap of opium poppy seeds. Brown sugar drug (an adulterated form of heroin), also called smack, junk, skag, dope, and chaw, is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from the morphine extracted from poppy plants. Pure heroin accounts for only 20% of the brown sugar drug; the remaining 80% comes in the form of chalk powder, zinc oxide, and even strychnine. 

Drugs addiction is a health problem, which occurs due to many reasons like- emotional/ physical/ sexual abuse, lack of family support, heartbreak and peer pressure. Heroin is classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, carries stiff criminal penalties, and has no acceptable medical use in the U.S. 

Apart from medical treatment/therapies, reiki and chakra healing can also complement and help in some ways to heal drug addiction. Drugs primarily lead to wear and tear + holes in the auric fields, sometimes it's just on the physical auric field, sometimes it is in the higher subtle bodies. Muladhara (root) chakra is the major to heal. Brown Sugar affect it badly.

start with deep OM chanting and prayer to Reiki master. Heal all the chakras especially the front and back root chakra, mantra recitation LAM during reiki session, followed by tree root meditation.


  • It is safe for me to be here.
  • The earth supports me and meets my needs.
  • I love my body and trust its wisdom.
  • I am interested in abundance.
  • I am here and I am real.
  • I trust my Higher Self fulfills all my needs. My life is full of prosperity.
  • Love is the best healer, it heals wounds, worst time and bad experiences.

What is Reiki?

Reiki therapy is a Japanese method of relaxation and stress reduction that may also be used to promote healing. Reiki therapy may help a person suffering from addiction feel calmer during the recovery process. While there is no evidence to show the effectiveness of Reiki healing for addiction, it can be useful for people who believe. Reiki is the spiritual guidance of life force energy, and a person in treatment is likely to feel the flow of energy and the universal forces around them.

Reiki benefits

For people who believe and practice Reiki, there are many possible benefits for giving and receiving life’s energy.

  • Also, claiming to support pregnant women during and after birth, lessening arthritis pain, and reducing nausea, practitioners believe Reiki is capable of treating a wide range of physical issues.

  • Reiki practitioners also claim there can be further emotional and spiritual benefits for people in Reiki therapy. Emotionally, Reiki may increase calmness in the mind, help with insomnia and confidence, and even ease the pain of addiction.

  • For the mental benefits of Reiki, practitioners boast a person will have a calmer mind, show enhanced creativity and improved memory, have increased personal awareness, and experience relief from emotional upheaval, including anxiety and depression.

  • Spiritual benefits may include leading a more purposeful life, feeling more connected with oneself and others in the universe, and establishing a life filled with peace and enlightenment.

How to do reiki?

To perform, Reiki treatment or Reiki practice, you must activate the energy within yourself. Close your eyes and take a few rounds of deep breaths. Imagine the crown of your head opening and a stream of healing white light flowing from the top of your head, into your heart, and out through your arms and hands. Ask to be filled up where you need healing most. This way, if you’re going to offer Reiki to a loved one, you won’t be giving to them from an empty cup.

As you feel the flow of energy, continue to breathe, and if you find your mind gets busy or starts to question whether this is working, come back to your breath. Envision yourself as a vessel for healing. Then set an intention or prayer to receive healing of the highest good.

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