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Power of Organ Donation

Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals

  Old airport road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   2 min     


Organ and tissue donation is much more important than any other thing for the society. Today there are more than 1,00,000 people waiting for an organ transplant to live healthier. In fact organ transplant is a matter of life and death for people who are living with end-stage organ failure. In addition to this, there are thousands of people who are waiting for tissue donation and transplants, so that they can live a better life.


Donation not only affects donor or the recipient, but also other people whose lives are connected to that of the recipient. These are people who love and support those who are in need of transplantation.


Besides, organ donation gives an individual an opportunity to gift a healthy life to someone who is suffering from pain and even to those who are at the end of the line of  hope.


But unfortunately even after so much of benefits from organ donation, it is only the number of people, who are in need of a healthy organ, is growing rapidly on the transplant waiting list. But not the number of donors. The result of which is that more than one lakh people are waiting, with hope, for an organ to become available. Even many people are dying due to lack of Transplantable organs. This may be happening because of lack of awareness among people about the benefits of organ donation and a suitable medium.


Many people still have doubts about donating organs like;


  • Whether I am applicable for donating an organ or not at an older age?

There is no specific age band for donating an organ. At the time of death, only under suitable examination of the donor’s organs, it will be decided that whether the donor is suitable for donation or not.


  • How many lives can be saved by one organ donor?

One donor can save up to eight lives. At the same time one donor can save more 50 lives by donating eyes and tissues.



There are a lot more doubts which are pulling people back from organ donation. This is because of lack of medium which can help them in clearing their doubts and thus encouraging them towards pledging their organ for donation.


The only way to expand the number of organs available for transplantation is to expand the number of donors. It can only be possible when people will start understanding their responsibilities towards the society and the power of organ donation. All they need is just a medium which can make it easier for them to pledge to donate organs.


Thus, by understanding the responsibility towards making a healthier world, Manipal Hospitals has initiated a new program called PLEDGE TO DONATE. Through this program, Manipal Hospitals will not only encourage people to pledge to donate organs, but also to spread awareness about organ donation and transplantation on an international scale.


Take a moment for wisdom and pledge to gift someone a new life –


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