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Meditation with experts at Soul Kshetra

Soul Kshetra

Soul Kshetra

  Aecs layout, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Sitting comfortably with closed eyes and observation of breath is meditation. Meditating inside a pyramid is more powerful. When you are seated in the pyramid, close your eyes and focus on the rhythm of your breathing. You should be completely relaxed at this point. As you keep noticing your breath, you will soon reach a state that is totally meditative. Always remember that breathing is not a part of the body; it is the body. As you continue with this stage, your mind will become empty of thoughts.

Now, when your breath has reached a state of thoughtlessness, you will be in an almost sleep like state. Sleep has often been regarded as an unconscious meditative state. Through all these states, we receive cosmic energy. The ground points found inside the pyramid allows the cosmic energy to flow and then circulate to the crown to the entire self.

Pyramid meditation is an interesting, beautiful and simple way of bidding farewell to all your health problems. Once you make this a part of your life, you will start seeing a difference sooner than you imagined.

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