{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Dr. Surjit Pal Singh","company_url":"Dr.-Surjitpal-Singh","articleId":3107,"id":3107,"creator_id":54503,"title":"ASTHMA TREATMENT & MANAGEMENT","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p>Symptoms can be controlled with proper asthma management and treatment, as there is no cure for asthma. This includes learning to avoid triggers that cause your asthma symptoms and taking your medications as directed. The best medications will be prescribed for your condition by your allergist and he will also give you with specific instructions for using them.<\/p><p>Controller medications are taken every day and involve inhaled corticosteroids<\/p><p>In addition to a long-acting beta-agonist (LABA), combination inhalers consist of an inhaled corticosteroid. LABAs are symptom-controllers that aid in opening your airways. However, in particular individuals they may have some risks.<\/p><p>As the sole therapy for asthma, LABAs should never be prescribed. Current suggestions are for them to be used only along with inhaled corticosteroids.<\/p><p>Oral medications are the Leukotriene modifiers.<\/p><p>Rescue medications and Immediate-relief are used to relieve symptoms during an asthma flare-up, quickly relax and open the airways or are taken prior to exercising if advised. These involve: short-acting beta-agonists. Controller medications cannot be replaced by quick-relief medications. It is time to see your allergist if you depend on rescue relief more than twice a week.<\/p><p>For severe symptoms and acute asthma flare-ups, intravenous, and oral corticosteroids may be needed. If used on a long term basis they can cause serious side effects.<\/p><p>You may be doubtful about taking medications, inclusive those for asthma, if you are pregnant. This can be a mistake to your baby-to-be and for your health. To have a healthy pregnancy make sure to visit your allergist, and talk about the treatments that will help you have a healthy pregnancy and to continue taking your prescribed asthma medications.<\/p><p> In addition, you may want to enroll in a study modulated to monitor pregnancy and medications.<\/p><p>Complications from respiratory infections such as influenza and pneumonia are some of the risks that people with asthma may develop. That is why it is important to get vaccinated annually, for asthma sufferers, especially adults.<\/p><p>With an asthma management plan and proper treatment, you can decrease your symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life.<\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-05-25 03:37:09","updated_at":"2019-01-19 21:19:49","topic":"health, Allergies , ","url":"asthma-treatment-management-3107","status":0,"view_count":688,"old_url":null}}