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Jiyo Natural recommends 7 Nutritious Foods Which Taste Better Than Junk

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   4 min     


Why do you think we crave for junk food or comfort food? It’s simply because of lowered sugar levels in our body, which means you probably haven’t eaten right in the previous meal.  This could be because  of the available options or may be you just dint have the time. After all, everything else but food seems priority and most deadlines were yesterday! So, what are the results of such procrastinating food habits?  
Most of our food choices when we either eat out or when we are very hungry tend to be unhealthy. We tend to crave for simple carbs loaded with sugar, and even fried food, a direct result of lowered sugar levels. Now that we know the reason for our junk food and fried food craving, its good to address the issue. After all prevention is always better than cure. Jiyo Natural brings to you seven nutritious foods that are tasty and can easily replace your junk food cravings. Keep nutritious and tasty snacks handy at all times, this way, you  can completely avoid junk and ensure you feel satisfied too! 


? Unsalted Roasted Nuts: These are crunchy, tasty, and full of proteins, fiber, good fats and cholesterol lowering agents with anti-ageing properties. They are rich in mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids as well as antioxidants which have been shown to reduce risks of coronary heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s. A handful of mixed nuts like walnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachio and peanuts are recommended as a quick snack.

? Fruit Salad: If you are craving for sweets, fruits are the healthiest options. Get a mix of seasonal fruits available and try to include different colours of fruit available. Plant pigments are rich in anti-oxidants which slow down the ageing process in the body. A bowl of freshly cut fruits are one of the best any-time snacks you can have.

? Stir Fried Vegetables: Pick up any combination of vegetables that you like and stir-fry them in minimal oil, to retain their crunchiness. Add a generous dash of fresh and dry herbs of your choice, and your instant snack is ready! This is a great low-cal and low GI option which is rich in phytonutrients and various vitamins and minerals.

? Sprouts: Eating fresh sprouts might seem a challenge, but the best way to make them tastier, is to add them to your salad. Add fresh vegetables of your choice, with a variety of sprouts like green gram, peanut, horse gram, methi and Alfalfa. Add a dash of fresh lime juice and honey dressing and a few sprigs of herbs of your choice, and your protein-packed snack rich in antioxidants is ready!


? Soups: Nothing can be more satisfying than a bowl of piping hot soup on a cold evening. But having instant soups is not really a nutritious option. Though making soup from scratch can seem a bit of a hassle, but is worth every drop! Boil and puree vegetables of your choice, and garnish with fresh herbs. Avoid using any flours for thickening the soup, rather use root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes make your soups more satisfying.

? Dry Fruits: A small helping of dried fruits like dates, prunes, apricots, figs and raisins are a great source of Iron, Calcium and other trace minerals essential to the body. Being quite sweet, they are one of the best options to curb hunger pangs or sugar cravings. They are concentrated sources of energy and fruit sugars, so it is best to consume them in moderation.

? Amla: Indian Gooseberry or Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. Don’t like to eat them as a whole? Try adding small chunks to your fruit salad, or grate them into your sprout salad and up the Health Quotient of your dish instantly. 

These foods are definitely tasty and healthy too. You might be regularly eating junk and fried food for a long time now. Eating healthy is the first step towards a healthier ‘you’. Keep aside worries about  not finding healthier snack alternatives and stop cribbing healthy food is not tasty! It’s that time now, when you have to let go of unhealthy food habits and move towards a healthier life style. Try each of the listed foods for one time, see the difference it can make in your daily life.
If you need more information on this, email us on and we are happy to connect you to our doctor and lifestyle nutritionists.

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