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Jiyo Natural - Healthy Meal Review

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   5 min     


When we formed Jiyo Natural, it felt amazing to see a dream take shape. When we started work and we grew delivering more than 1lac meal so far, it was satisfying to see our services reach out to interested members and how we were able to spread the awareness of a healthy lifestyle.Today we move a step ahead! We have a very well known food blogger Ms Rajani Vaidya from Healthy Slurps reviewing our products. We are happy because, she has given us a thumbs up and, a review like that coming from a nutritionist is definitely adding a feather in our cap. Here is the review... Jiyo Natural - Healthy Meal ReviewQuite often, we yearn for a simple home cooked meal. Especially when we are working long hours or live away from home or unable to cook our own meals for any reason. Would it not be wonderful to find a reliable meal delivery option?Jiyo Natural does just that. Not only do they make healthy meals designed by a nutritionist but also customise meals for specific health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.When asked to review their lunch delivery meals, I agreed happily. As a nutritionist myself, I was curious too. Here is what I found.Since their website offers all information, I will restrict my post to my experience and opinion. 

The Jiyo Health Meal

I received a call from the nutritionist of Jiyo Natural enquiring about any health conditions, allergies, and such. The lunch menu of the day was explained to me and delivery time agreed upon. This was followed by an email which gave me detailed nutrition information about the meal I was going to receive.To my happy surprise, the lunch arrived on time. Neatly packed, warm (not hot), no spillage. Packed neatly in two steel tiffin carriers. (I wonder if this is a regular feature, especially after the plastic ban enforced in Bangalore)

                                                                                               Jiyo Natural meal pack delivery

Rotis - Two multigrain, came wrapped in foil. Brown rice Tawa Pulao - Fragrant, cooked just right. Difficult to achieve with brown rice, but I was very happy to see they did. Burrani raita delivered the necessary garlic kick to the pulao. The side dishes were all cooked just right without being overcooked, or spiced heavily either. I especially liked the green peas and soya chunks sabzi for its simple fresh flavours. Special mention must be made of the sprout salad. Crisp, colourful but not soggy or wilted at all. Quite a feat, I would say. A happy ending to the meal was the carrot pudding. Sweetened with jaggery instead of sugar, mildly sweet, satisfying.
                                                                                                   Jiyo Natural's Jiyo Health Meal

                                                                                     JiyoNatural Salad

                                                                                      Jiyo Natural Meal

At 600+ calories, the meal packs in maximum nutrients, so we get quality mindful calories in each mouthful. I found the meal to be quite filling and more than I would consume in a normal lunch. Since a big portion of the meal had protein, my stomach stayed full for longer. I felt better energized through the day. I am sure people with more hearty appetites will appreciate and enjoy the meal.

                                                                                          Jiyo Natural meal sealed and packed well

                                                                                           Jiyo Natural's Jiyo Manage Lunch meal

This is a customized meal designed after a health analysis carried out by a qualified nutritionist. The Jiyo Manage meal offers hope for working people who have special diet requirements.As with the Jiyo Health Meal, I received a call from the nutritionist who ran me through her health check questionnaire. My preferences, allergies, and calorie requirements were all considered. She then suggested a suitable meal for me.The Jiyo Manage Meal had two multigrain phulkas, millet khichdi, chole, mixed vegetable sabzi, raita, and a cucumber carrot salad. While several people may be skeptical about millets in a meal, I found the dish well cooked, mildly flavoured and soul satisfying. The vegetable sabzi was so good, I would have loved a larger serving of it. Salad was fresh and crunchy, as in the Jiyo Health Meal. 

What do I think?

Jiyo Natural has taken a vital step in designing and delivering amazingly healthy meals. I am yet to come across an online food delivery option which is focussed on healthy meals. If their claims of using chemical free produce, healthy cooking methods, and natural sweeteners are all true, then we need to look no further for lunch or dinner delivery options. The comfort in knowing that the best practices are followed while cooking our meal and delivering at our doorstep will surely make us want to order from Jiyo Natural. 

This review is written by very well known food blogger Ms Rajani Vaidya from Healthy Slurps.

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