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Is your company losing 42k or making 1.72L per employee?

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   4 min     


There is no doubt that company revenues take a hit due to its employee health challenges. Employee health and wellness is the key to a company’s successful endeavours. Unfortunately, this is a factor that is ignored by majority of the management (while recruiting), HR professionals (during employee engagement) and Admin professionals (while hiring food vendors). This process has to be the culmination of the effort from the corporate with personal involvement from management, HR Professionals and Administration professionals.Studies have proven time and again that without an appropriate nutrient intake, the mind can simply not focus on completing a task efficiently. Statistics don’t lie, and it is imperative that senior level members understand how health can help increase revenue. Only once they start to take steps in the right direction by taking their employee’s lifestyle and food habits into consideration can their companies start to grow in a positive direction. Optum published a white paper a while ago, on Healthy employees, healthy profits. Here are a couple of statistics from the whitepaper.

1.    Did you know? You could be losing 2.5 hrs of productivity per employee every week!
According to Optum whitepaper, employee health problems lead to approximately 41 minutes of absence and 2 hours and 29 minutes of lost productivity each week. When considering food-related health problems, we consider big picture challenges like diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems. However, the seemingly ‘smaller problems’ such as post-lunch lethargy, lack of concentration due to poor nutrition and low energy levels are causes for severe drops in company revenue. We don’t expect senior members to have time to brood over such problems but this challenges is critical and is costing the company. Here is where Jiyo Natural steps in as a ‘health food partner’. 

2.    Did you know? Each employee might be under delivering for almost one month in a year!

According to Optum whitepaper, overall productivity losses totals to more than 27 days per employee, approximately 12.3 percent of employee capacity. Inefficient and absent employees cannot keep up with the expected pace of work. In fields that require high levels of concentration, mid level or senior level employees slacking on deadlines and disrupting workflow can cause alarming losses for the company. Improving diets and converting to a healthy lifestyle lifts the productivity. Jiyo Natural food is all about balanced nutrition that makes one energetic and enthusiastic at work.

3.    Did you know? You could probably earn Rs 1.7 Lakh more per employee per year if they ate right?

According to Optum whitepaper, life dissatisfaction, job dissatisfaction and poor health can contribute to self-reported work limitations, translating into productivity losses totalling ?1.7 lakhs per employee per year.Poor health causes low morale amongst employees. Unbalanced diets cause their concentration to drop at work, affecting their work negatively. Without a calorie specific diet, the chances of breaking the pattern of an unhealthy lifestyle are very low. Regulated diets from Jiyo Natural can assist employees in bringing their focus back to being productive, reflecting positively on the company. 

4.    Did you know? Employees with mild health challenges are costing you upto Rs 42000 a year
According to Optum whitepaper, overweight and obese employees cost employers ?13,000 and ?42,000 more per year, including medical costs loss and on-the job productivity loss.Heavy meals at work ends up reflecting poorly on companies. Often, employees choose to eat out due to lack of time to make home-cooked meals. These foods are full of excessive unnatural sugars and chemicals, their quantities are not regulated and they cause fluctuations in the employee's weight. The increased weight can result in obesity. The symptoms of obesity like low-grade fatigue, digestive problems and heart issues take a severe hit on the company’s overall productivity. Jiyo Natural’s products are customizable as per employee health challenges such as obesity, high BP, high Cholestro, Diabetes etc.

5.    Did you know? You might be losing 27 days per employee because  of nutritionally unbalanced food
According to Optum whitepaper, overall productivity losses due to 13 different nutritious related health conditions totalled more than 27 days per employee. Nutrition related health issues are a major cause for employees taking leave from work. Right from short-term problems like food poisoning from restaurant food to long term, life altering diseases like diabetes, avoiding food-related health problems is vital in paving a successful future for any company.It is clear that one of the most significant ways for any company to grow is to start caring about its employee’s nutritional health. One of the ways they can begin this process is by regulating the meals at work, a B2B company like Jiyo Natural provides well balanced meals cooked with high quality, healthy ingredients. With meals like these, employees naturally increase their energy levels and perform their tasks better.  Jiyo Natural is not an ordinary food caterer but a health food partner who works with the top management in the company to align food to achieve the goal of the company. Jiyo Natural brings to table - food with an objective – better productivity and better performance in all walks of life. This thought and philosophy of food makes Jiyo Natural a thought leader in the health food domain.

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