{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Dr. Leslie Ravi Kumar","company_url":"Dr.-Leslie-Ravi-Kumar","articleId":2884,"id":2884,"creator_id":53523,"title":"What is Visual Impairment","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p><u>The human Eye<\/u><\/p><p>The human eye resembles a camera that gathers, centers, and transmits light through a viewpoint to make a picture of its environment. In a camera, the picture is made on film or a picture sensor. In the eye, the picture is made on the retina, a thin layer of light-delicate tissue at the back of the eye.<\/p><p>Like a camera, the human eye controls the measure of light that enters the eye. The amount of light going through the pupil is controlled by the iris (the hued round some portion of the eye). It becomes wider in dim light and in the presence of bright light closes up. The cornea is the straightforward, defensive surface of the eye. Just like the lenses it assists to focus light, sitting right behind the iris.<\/p><p>The light that enters the eye is changed into never signals by the retina. The brain receives these signals from the retina through the optic nerve (about more than 1000,000 nerve fibers which form a cable). Vision becomes impossible, without an optic nerve or a retina as the eye is unable to relate to the brain.<\/p><p><strong>What Is Visual Impairment?<\/strong><\/p><p>Numerous people have some kind of problems with their vision in some point in their lives. For some they are unable to view far away objects.  Any for many small prints are barely read. These kind of eye conditions can be treated easily with contact lenses or eyeglasses.<\/p><p>In severe cases there may be a complete loss of vision, where one or more part of the brain or the eye which are required to translate or develop images is diseased or if they are damaged. In these kinds of cases full restoration of the vision is not possible with corrective lenses, eye glasses, medical treatment or surgery.<\/p><p>According to The American Foundation for the Blind it is estimated that the number of people affected with visual impairment in the USA is nearly 10 million. Any kind of a vision loss is termed as Visual Impairment by the experts, whether it is partial loss of vision or if it’s someone who has a complete loss of vision.<\/p><p>A few people are totally visually impaired; however numerous others have what's called Legal Blindness. They haven't lost their sight totally yet have sufficiently lost vision that they'd need to stand 20 feet from an article or thing  to see it compared to somebody with flawless vision could from 200 feet away.<\/p><h3>What Causes Visual Impairment?<\/h3><p>Individuals seldom lose their vision in their teenage. When they do, it's generally brought about by a damage like getting hit in the eye or head with a baseball or having a vehicle or cruiser mischance.<\/p><p>A few newborns suffer <strong>congenital blindness, <\/strong><strong>meaning<\/strong><strong> <\/strong><strong>they have a visual impairment since birth. There could be numerous things that could cause <\/strong>congenital blindness. It could be passed on to the fetus developing in the mother’s womb, while she is pregnant; it could be genetic or could also result due to infection (for instance- German measles).<\/p><p><strong>Conditions that may bring about vision misfortune after birth include:<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Amblyopia<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Cataracts<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Diabetic retinopathy<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Glaucoma<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Macular<\/strong> <strong>degeneration<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Trachoma<\/strong><\/p><p>If you or your parents or even your physician doubts that you have a problem with your vision, then you definitely need to see an ophthalmologist. He is the one who has practical experience in inspecting, diagnosing, and treating eyes and eye illnesses.<\/p><p>A few tests are performed by the eye expert like:<\/p><p><strong>Visual acuity test<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Visual field test<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Tonometry test<\/strong><\/p><p><strong>If<\/strong><strong> <\/strong>your specialist discovers that you have an eye condition that is probably going to bring about visual weakness, numerous medicines are accessible. Choices may incorporate eyeglasses, contact lenses and eye drops or different drugs.<\/p><p>In few cases surgery may be essential.<\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-05-08 00:10:18","updated_at":"2019-01-18 10:25:52","topic":"eye, Eye Care, ","url":"what-is-visual-impairment-2884","status":0,"view_count":151,"old_url":null}}