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Healthy Ways To Prepare For A Healthy Pregnancy

Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals

  Old airport road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Becoming a mother is the most special feeling a woman can experience. Every woman  wishes to experience the feeling of giving birth to a new life. The thought of carrying a life inside your own body, itself bring heaps of smile and happiness to the face.

The pain, suffering, sacrifice and various countless emotions are endured by the woman during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is that stage when a child gets formed inside a mother’s body. A proper care should be taken at every minute for ahealthy pregnancy.

Some of the best ways to get prepared for a healthy pregnancy are:
  • A pre- conception visit to the doctor is must: A woman should always visit a doctor to check on  various factors like medical history, diet and the other elements which are necessary to be improved before pregnancy.
  • Genetic carrier screening: This is another essential factor for pregnancy care. A doctor would suggest every couple to undergo carrier screening which helps in examining any previous inherited illness which may be bad for the child.
  • Increase intake of Folic acid : Taking folic acid before a month of conceiving and during the first trimester is necessary to secure the child from disease like Spina Bifida. A doctor’s recommendation is needed before consuming this.
  • A woman should give up all habits affect her health, like smoking, drinking and various other things. Addiction to such things may lead to various major accidents like miscarriage, pre- mature birth and low- birth weight babies.
  • Consuming only pure and healthy foods: During this period, only healthy and nutritious food should be the diet for a woman. Lots and lots of milk, vegetable, fruits should be consumed. A woman should eat variety of protein sources like beans, nuts, seeds etc.
  • A woman should check her caffeine intake: Too much consumption of coffee can create health complications both in the mother and the child As per the dietitians, a woman  must limit her caffeine intake up to 200 milligrams per days
  • Avoiding Obese conditions: A high or a low body mass index (BMI) increases the risk of complications in pregnancy. Therefore a proper bodyweight should be maintained.
  • Mental health: Woman’s mental condition is very important while she gets prepared for a pregnancy. Proper pregnancy care steps must be taken to make a woman feel free from any kind of mental illness like depression or various other things.
  • Any kind of infections should be avoided: In the process of taking a proper woman care it should be kept in mind that no viral infection like flu or toxoplasmosis can affect a woman about to get pregnant.


These are numerous ways and process to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. The above suggestions are very effective for a woman getting transformed into a mother.


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