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  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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If you’re a person who has to perform a lot of physical activity to get things done in a day, then you must probably know how pain in your body brings down your productivity. From sports persons to office workers, adults to children, body pain does not leave anyone out of its fold.

What is more worrying is how most adults, in order to get rid of pain quickly and easily, pop dozens of pills in a week, over consumption of which is very harmful to the body. Here is where physiotherapy comes to the rescue.

What Is Physiotherapy And Why Do You Need It

Physiotherapy is defined as the healing of an injury, disease, or deformity by physical methods such as heat treatment, massage, and exercise rather than by surgery or drugs.

While you complain that physiotherapy takes longer to perform and it would rather be easier to pop those beloved painkillers, you need to know why painkillers are harmful.

One side-effect of almost all medicine is that the more frequently you use them, the more your body starts to create a resistance towards the action of these medicines. This means, if you cure your body pain using one pill for a week, after the week, one pill won’t be enough. The more pills you take more your body resistance.

You also need to keep in mind why not letting your body create resistance is important. Antibiotics and painkillers (such as paracetamol, the most commonly used one) have a way greater job than to cure body pain simply, they are an effective treatment for a fever that comes with diseases too. When you actually contract a disease, the medicine which your body has created resistance to, will not respond treatment-wise, which could be very fatal.

On top of that, getting to know physiotherapy relief will be very good for you. The use of physiotherapy exercises for pregnancy related pain relief is very helpful. Physiotherapy massages are the best stress busters.

When Do You Need Physiotherapy?

The next question is simple- when do you decide to take physiotherapy for pain relief rather than just let it pass with time or with rest.

The law of nature is that time heals all things. Except when you mismanage what all things are. This means that working yourself up even when you are in pain will obviously cause your pain to stay for longer durations. Also, some ailments defy the rule and take longer to heal such as pain post-surgery or sprains, etc. In these cases, physiotherapy will be a very helpful companion to take you there faster.

Here is when you should know that your ailment needs physiotherapy

1. Constant pain- If you have constant pain in any of your body part, the chances are high that you really need physiotherapy. There are two reasons why your pain might be constant in nature-

  • You might have constant pain that keeps changing in intensity no matter how much you give yourself to rest. Mostly, these pains arise due to medical ailments. Pains of a hernia and inflammatory arthritis fall under this category.
  • Your pain might be constant because of you over-working yourself, as discussed above. Any common pain, such as pain due to bad posture or simple knee turns and neck bends, will stay forever if you choose not to give yourself rest.

If you have constant pain, physiotherapy is your best bet of getting rid of it. What’s more, if you are a work addict, you can find pain relief by physiotherapy without cutting precious hours of your work time.

2. Severe pain that lasts for more than three days- 3 days is the timer which should set your worry bells ringing. If your pain lasts for more than three days and is severe in nature, physiotherapy automatically becomes a necessity (unless you are willing to pop analgesics).

While there is no special reason why pain should last for more than three days other than simply the nature of the pain or stress on the area of pain, you should be concerned if you were healing from a previous ailment. One major aspect of healing is inflammation and inflammation brings the pain. If your doctor told you that your pain shouldn’t last for more than three days, ring up your physiotherapist.

3. You are moving or acting differently post injury- Be especially concerned, if post injury, you are moving or acting differently. Chances are, you are doing this to compensate for the pain that is being caused by the injury and are unaware of it. Compensating proper movement just to find short term relief is no way to handle pain.

4. Pain is reproducible with movement- If moving your limbs or body in a specific way makes you feel a greater amount of pain, then you definitely need physiotherapy. Such pains largely fall in one or more of the three categories above.

From larger uses such as sciatica pain relief, pain relief from arthritis or physio exercises for pregnancy to smaller uses such as neck pain relief, relief from lower back pain and muscle pain relief, physiotherapy has a wide variety of uses which a lot of do not know yet. Even stress relief physiotherapy post gym exercises and sports is very helpful to the body. Throw those pain relief pills today and embrace physiotherapy.

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Medikoe Health Expert |  December 22nd, 2016

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