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Essentials of Learning

Dr Gowher Yusuf

Dr Gowher Yusuf

  Hal 3rd stage, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Motivation to learn can be provided by a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring home and school environment.

o    The feeling of joy in learning has to be inculcated at a very young age. Children should be engaged in creative and enjoyable learning pursuits.

o    Parents and teachers should identify the fields of interest of the children and encourage them accordingly. Mastery in their field of interest will build their confidence and will have a spill over positive impact on their academic performance.

o    A balanced diet, age appropriate physical activities, adequate sleep are essential tools for children to excel in their learning process.

o    Teach children stress management techniques, effective study strategies, soft skills etc.

o    They should not be put under any form of pressure to perform

o    Parents and caregivers should offer children their unconditional love and support.

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