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Does Yoga Help in Curing Depression?

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 14, 2017

   4 min     


The power of yoga reverberates in every walk of life. Besides culminating vitality into your life, yoga can help you cure depression, anxiety, and shower blessings on your mental health.

The Origin of Yoga

Yoga is an age-old art form of the mind, body, and spirit that finds its roots in ancient India. It is a highly disciplined practice and needs time to master. If followed up regularly, yoga can work wonders to vitalize your body and rejuvenate your soul.

How Does Yoga Work On Our Body?

The human body is like clay and the human mind, the potter. The interconnection of the mind and the body is often neglected by many. We fail to realize that our mind and our body are continuously working together and pushing us up the ladder of life. Yoga can work like magic by channeling the spirit in the right direction and chasing symptoms of anxiety away.

The Dead Man’s Pose to Shoo Stress Away

Known as the “Shavasana” in Hindi, the dead man’s pose or the corpse pose is as easy as ABC. This yoga pose aids relaxation of the mind and body by improving blood circulation. If your nights are long and sleep doesn’t greet you, this is the pose to rely on. All you need to do is lay down facing upwards on your mat and let go. 

How to Practice this Pose?

As easy as it sounds, the corpse pose can be difficult to master. Remember these little details to get the most out of this yoga asana:

  • Free your mind from any form of distracting thought.
  • Remember to breathe and pay attention to each breath.
  • Never tense your muscles up. Ease your body into the mat like butter.
  • Practicing monotonous thoughts like counting can help you cure depression by a great extent.

The Child’s Pose for Relaxation

This is an excellent yoga pose for depression patients. The child’s pose can help to ease out the pain on the lower back and hips thus releasing stress.


Learn the Child’s Pose

Here’s a short description of how you can practice this yoga pose to relieve stress:

  • Sit on your mat by resting your heels and your toes touching the ground. Place your palms on your thighs.
  • Lower your shoulders and chest towards your knees and bringing your head lower to the floor.
  • Stretch your arms backward beside your shin.
  • Inhale and exhale softly to gently release built-up fatigue.

The Downward Facing Dog Pose

The “adhomukhashwasana” is a posture that will help you strengthen the core muscles in your legs, back, and arms hence energizing your body and aiding the cure of depression. This is a pose through which you can get your body to stretch out to the maximum. To master this incredibly relaxing yoga pose:

  • Stand facing downwards on all your limbs with knees wide apart.
  • Move your wrists forward from your shoulders to exhale and stretch.
  • Push the posterior portion of your thighs backward to form a posture like an alphabet “V”.
  • Stretch your legs as much as you can while keeping them straight.
  • Push your chest backward to align your upper arm beside your ears. 

Sun Salutations for Curing Depression

The rays of the morning sun can clear out all the blues inside your mind. Waking up early for a quick yoga session can accelerate your recovery from depression like lightning bolt. The best kind of yoga ritual to follow up in the morning is the “Suryanamaskar” or the “Sun Salutations”. The Surya namaskar combines several yoga postures in series that can help get the most movement out of the entire body. 

Pranayama or Meditation

Breath is life itself. We often tend to ignore this wonderful motion that keeps us alive. Pranayam is a part of yoga that involves a state of meditative peacefulness. Practicing pranayama can help you get rid of stress and also increase longevity. Meditations are an excellent method to keep depressive thoughts away and channelize them in the path of peacefulness. 

Believe in Music and Magic

The results of yoga sessions can be amplified by listening to the right music. Music brings relaxation to your soul like nothing else can. All in all, remember to smile, stay happy and believe in the power of love and healing.

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