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Decoding Hypertension

Dr Naveen Visweswaraiah

Dr Naveen Visweswaraiah

  Indiranagar, Bengaluru     Mar 9, 2017

   3 min     


Hypertension is defined as repeatedly elevated blood pressure exceeding 140/90 mmHg i.e. above 140 Diastolic Pressure and above 90 Systolic blood pressure. The point to note here is that for elevated blood pressure to qualify as hypertension, it needs to be consistently remains elevated for 3 months or more. The following chart gives a brief understanding of stages of Hypertension.


Decoding HypertensionNow let us look at Hypertension in a different way. Physics defines:Pressure = Force/AreaNow we know thatForce = Mass * Acceleration&Mass = Density * VolumeSo according to this formula:Pressure = (Density * Volume * Acceleration)/AreaIn other words, if Density, Volume or Velocity of any object increases and the area in which the object is, decreases than the pressure increases.  Now, if we look at Blood Pressure than we can easily deduce that anything that:     Increases Density of Blood such as increaed fat content     Increases Volume of Blood such as increased water retention     Increases Velocity of Blood in Arteries such as elevated heart rate     Decreases the Area of Arteries such as blockage of arterieswill in fact increase the blood pressure.


Allopathic Response to Hypertension     Diuretics – Promotes eleimination of water in urine thereby reducing volume of blood and reducing pressure     Beta Blockers – Reduces force of Heart rate therby reducing velocity of blood in Arteries and ehnce reduction in BP     Vasodilators – Relaxes walls of arteries for smooth passage of blood or in other words increases Arterial Area thereby redcucing BP.However, these drugs and are not without side effects. Once started they have to be continuously taken because they are not formed within the body and are given externally and they work until they are in the system. They do not work on specific areas only and would have the same effect of Blood or Arteries all over the body.


Natural Way to Respond to HypertensionSame response to Blood Pressure can be generated naturally.     Yoga can relax the heart so that heart rate goes down     Combination of Yoga and Nutrition can reduce the blockage in Arteries     Cutting Salt and Reducing Alochohol will reduce water conent in the blood     Smoking increases Heart Rate other than causing Lung Cancer.These interventions are without side effects and provide a lasting relief. Body’s own response to High Blood Pressure are triggered by following:    

 Condition Specific Yoga Therapy 

  Healthy Nutrition   

  Yoga based Stress Management Techniques

    Lifestyle Modification

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