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Cooking Tips to Make Your Cherished Foods Healthiest

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Mar 7, 2017

   3 min     


We know you need recipes that fulfill your exclusive expectations of taste & well-being, yet it should be simple & quick enough for a weeknight. So here are the ideas of how we can do it.

 Make smooth dishes without the cream

Smooth and Creamy sauces like those in fettuccine alfredo or homemade macaroni & cheese are regularly stacked with butter, heavy cream & additionally cheese. We discard overwhelming cream and make smooth sauces with low-fat milk that is thickened with flour. To prepare your own cream substitute: Mix 1 cup low-fat milk with 4 teaspoons all-purpose flour; whip over medium heat until bubbling & dense. Cup for cup, thickened low-fat milk spares more than 680 calories & 53 grams immersed fat versus overwhelming cream! For smooth servings of mixed greens, for example, potato plates of mixed greens, settle on low-fat mayonnaise and additionally lessened fat sour cream; a mix of the two tastes great. One tablespoon normal mayo has 90 calories & 10 grams fat versus 15 calories & 1 gram fat in low-fat mayo.

 Try cooking with less oil

Extra-virgin olive oils & canola oil is heart-healthy oils for numerous recipes. However they still pack around 120 calories for each tablespoon, so we utilize them wisely. Try adding less oil to your most loved sauté, plate of mixed greens or soup recipe. When cooking on a stovetop, cast-iron, nonstick or enamel-coated skillets & pans let you utilize minimal measure of oil with very little sticking.

 Get crispy “fried” food without the oil

Try our oven-frying method & Skip deep-frying: Dip chicken, fish or vegetables in milk, buttermilk or egg, dig in seasoned flour or breadcrumbs, and then coat of canola or olive oil. Put on a wire rack set on a heating sheet and prepare for 425° to 450°F until crispy. 2 pieces of our oven-fried chicken have around 40% fewer calories & 4 grams less saturated fat than 2 pieces of traditional fried chicken.

 Swap good fats for bad fats

We adore the taste of butter & know it cannot be replaced totally, particularly in baked items, however to keep saturated fat in check, we utilize canola or olive oil rather than butter however much as could reasonably be expected. Tablespoon for tablespoon, butter has 7 times more saturated fat than oil. Try on your favorite recipe by replacing at least half of the butter with oil.

Go for egg whites in place of whole eggs

An egg white has just 16 calories & 0 grams of fat; however an egg yolk has 54 calories & 5 grams of fat in it. Try utilizing 2 eggs whites in place of 1 entire egg in nearly any recipe.

 Slim down homemade ice cream

For rich, creamy ice cream that’s lower in calories and fat than normal ice cream, we utilize low-fat milk jelled with gelatin. It imitates the texture of full-fat ice cream, yet cuts around 90 calories & 10 grams saturated fat (50% of our daily limit) per 1/2-cup serving.

 Add grains or vegetables to meaty dishes

To preserve ground meat dishes like meatloaf or burgers fulfilling without inclining the calorie scale, we include whole grains (such as bulgur or brown rice) or diced vegetables (such as mushrooms or peppers) to the meat to mass up portion size. It’s likewise an extraordinary approach to get more grains & vegetables into your eating routine —foods we regularly don’t get enough of. Try an experiment by adding 3/4 to 1 cup cooked grains or diced vegetables for each pound of meat.

 Reduce cheese, keep the flavor

 Utilizing less cheese gives any dish a simple well-being upgrade. Pick a bold-flavored cheese, for example - extra-sharp Cheddar, goat cheese & Parmigiano-Reggiano, to give more flavor effect with fewer calories & less fat.

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