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From nannies to babysitters and more, and that also means there are a lot of exceptional child care options, one of your best options are daycare, either through home daycare or a group center. Many centers offer excellent care with licensed, qualified caregivers in a domain where your little one will get valuable interaction with other kids her age. Here is what you ought to know about day care, from the downsides and benefits to questions to ask potential providers and what to look for when you visit a daycare facility.<\/p><p><u>Types of daycare facilities:<\/u><\/p><p>A facility where parents drop children off is called a daycare, normally for a full day, with other kids of different ages.  You have a few of options:<\/p><p>Group daycare: These facilities are usually run similarly to a school, are state-licensed and with kids of different ages cared for in groups. Employers themselves run some of these centers. You’re in good company if you choose this option. More than a quarter of toddlers and infants are in center-based care.<\/p><p>Home daycare: Often as she cares for her own children at the same time, this childcare is run out of the provider’s home. While many are not, some home daycare providers have received training and are state-licensed.<\/p><p><u>Benefits of daycare:<\/u><\/p><p>A good daycare plan can offer some outstanding advantages:<\/p><p>Continuous care: Most child care centers provide care from the initial months of infancy through toddlerhood, and sometimes even further.<\/p><p>Education: A well-organized schedule is equipped to your tot’s growth and development.<\/p><p>Socialization: Your baby will get lots of time to mingle with other little ones.<\/p><p>Cost: Daycare tends to be less expensive than hiring a nanny, if you’re planning to go back to work and need someone to watch after your child while you’re away.<\/p><p>Reliability: Most centers stay open for about twelve hours to support a range of parent timetables.<\/p><p>Specific to group daycare: Staff is licensed and trained. There’s always a sub, because there’s more than one caregiver.<\/p><p>Particular to home daycare: There are fewer children than you would find at a group daycare center — which may mean less exposure to illness and more personal attention.<\/p><p><u> Downsides to daycare:<\/u><\/p><p>There are some drawbacks to enrolling your little one in daycare, like:<\/p><p>Cost: While daycare centers are low budget than private child care, it’s still expensive unless it’s subsidized by your company or the government.<\/p><p><u>Exposure to illnesses:<\/u> Babies may get sick more often than those in another childcare setting, because they are exposed to more kids, — though that is just a predecessor of what’s to come in preschool. Baby’s immune system can actually toughen up due to early germ exposure (which may mean lesser colds and infections later on in childhood).<\/p><p><u>Specific to group daycare:<\/u> If the center follows a public school calendar, there may be less freedom in scheduling than in a more informal setting, and the center may be closed on holidays when you’re working.<\/p><p><u>Specific to home daycare:<\/u> Some providers are unlicensed and don’t need to have childcare training (like those run by religious institutions) — which means they may not have to abide by group size, aren’t regularly inspected for quality and materials, child-to-caregiver ratios and activities. if the infant caregiver is sick there’s usually no backup caregiver at the ready (or one of her kids), so you will need baby sitter (or a very compassionate boss).<\/p><p><u>5 steps to choosing daycare for your little one:<\/u><\/p><p>You many need to leave yourself a little more time to find a daycare, depending on where you live. It’s a good thought to start looking at least two months before you plan to go back to work; You might even want to start checking out your options before your baby even arrives, if you live in a big city. Here are a few steps to take:<\/p><p>Do your analyses. Get testimonials from your pediatrician and other parents (among friends and at work). Consider asking those you meet in your pediatrician’s waiting room, or your OB-GYN or a mommy-and-me class or the playground, if you don’t know other parents. You can also check with the state regulatory agency or online resources for childcare referral services.<\/p><p><u>Interview centers<\/u>. Screen in-home daycare providers and centers over the phone Scratch off the list of places to visit,if the center’s hours are inconvenient or the staff isn’t forthcoming,<\/p><p><u>Check the center out in person.<\/u> Visit in person and see if it checks off all the basics, once you’ve narrowed down your choices.<\/p><p><u>Check references.<\/u> Take the time to call current and former clients to find out how happy they and their kids are with their encounter<\/p><p><u>Drop by unannounced.<\/u> To get a truer picture of what the group daycare center is like when the staff hasn’t been prepped, consider stopping by unexpectedly on another day, before you make your final choice. You may want to cross it off your list, if the center doesn’t allow unscheduled visits of any kind.<\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-05-04 01:44:22","updated_at":"2019-01-21 01:47:47","topic":"Child Care, skin care, Childhood Psychology , ","url":"daycare-for-your-litle-one-how-to-chose-the-best-2840","status":0,"view_count":294,"old_url":null}}