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Ayurveda- A Healthy Approach For Digestion

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 14, 2017

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Ayurveda is known for the oldest healing science. Ayurveda is typically a Sanskrit word comprising two different words, Ayur (meaning life) and Veda (meaning knowledge). Thus, an Ayurveda defines for “The Science of Life”. Ayurveda originated in Ancient India 5000 years ago, and its root found in the ancient Vedic culture where the accomplished masters used to teach their disciples in an oral tradition. 

Ayurveda is a long-established approach of medication and healing that a body needs, based on in-depth experience and observation. According to mythological history, Dhanvanteri was the first physician who started Ayurveda and learned to use in his day-to-day life. By then, the method was demonstrated and imparted on other people who found it to be highly effective in terms of good health.

In modern India, Ayurvedic treatment is still being used. The adaptation principles of Ayurveda is in the popular Western healing system, including Homeopathy and Polarity Therapy. It has also strengthened its popularity in some other parts of countries, other than India, spreading over UAE and Saudi Arabia and various other people from distinct countries as well.

Ayurveda purely emphasis on prevention and maintenance of matters relating to health, physical or mental, lifestyle, daily activities, right thinking, better conscious mind. The experience in knowledge of Ayurveda enables one to understand the balance of body, mind and soul according to the changing lives of one’s world. 

The change in one’s system of life can be physical or mental stress. There also can be reasons like relationships between others, any physical trauma, variation in food and eating habits or it can be some modulation in seasons or weather. These factors lead to the imbalance or disorder of one’s state. Once the nature and elements of these disorders are understood, one can reconstruct its original life system.

What is Digestion?

Digestion is simply the breaking down of the large insoluble food particles or molecules into the smaller one that would be turned as water-soluble and absorbed into the watery plasma.
  • Depending on how the food is breaking down in the system, digestion splits up into two processes- mechanical and chemical. 

  • The mechanical digestion alludes to the physical breaking down of food molecules into small pieces which are then used by the digestive enzymes. 

  • In the chemical process, the enzymes then break down those pieces into smaller units. This allows the nutrients available in the food molecules to be flowed into our bloodstreams to maintain the functioning of the body.

Some Common Digestion Problems

The digestion problems can be challenging as well as embarrassing at the same time for the one who faces these frequently in daily life. These can occur if the food consumed has been contaminated by bacteria. Infection, mental stress, high doses of medications, ulcerative colitis and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) can also be some of the reasons. Some of the digestion problems found in people are:
  1. Constipation: It is a condition in the digestive system where the wastes remainings of food molecules become dry and hard due to the slower movement of food into the digestive tract. As such, it is hard to expel wastes and turns out to be painful. Having an issue of stomach-ache, stomach cramps, feeling of bloating and nausea, loss of appetite are some of the symptoms of constipation.

  1. Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea is defined when the bowel movements of a body become watery and loose. If one suffers from this disease for 1-2 days, it is acute diarrhoea, which is common in all ages of people. But if it lasts for weeks and more, it is a chronic one and might be a symptom of underlying chronic disease.

  2. Acid-Reflux: Acid-reflux is also known for heartburn in the lower chest area, which is a common problem with people having digestive issues. The burning pain occurs when the acid, mainly the hydrochloric acid in the stomach flows up in the oesophagus, which moves food down from the mouth. The acid is powerful and helps in breaking the food molecules, protecting against pathogens like bacteria. Some of the other risk factors are obesity, low levels of physical exercise, active or passive smoking, medications like painkillers and anti-depressants.

Ayurveda and Digestion Problems

Ayurveda for digestive disorders is somehow the greatest approach for curing the digestion problems. According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the act of eating is critically important. When one sits down for eating the food, he is in the straight posture and his mind is totally concentrating on the taste itself, it greatly improves his digestion process. 

Another Ayurveda digestion secrets are to improve the digestive fires, or agni, before having the full meal. One can have the grated ginger along with few drops of lemon, and a pinch of rock salt before his meal to get better digestion. Ginger tea can also be added in the daily routine to get more of the benefits of the ginger itself. Some of the yoga poses can also be learned to get better results.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Improving Digestion

Ayurveda digestion remedies are found to be always in use, right from the ancient times till date. There are some great inventions in this field healing and medication science where the Ayurvedic medicine for digestion of food has been popular in people due to their changing and evolving of their lifestyle and food habits. Some of the Ayurvedic tips for good digestion has been discussed below that might be practised on a daily basis or as required.
Ayurveda for constipation: 
Some of the Ayurvedic herbs are available that can help with problems of constipation and must be taken with plenty of water in order to lubricate the bowels.
  1. Triphala: This is recommended as the best Ayurvedic herb for constipation. Taking ½ to 1 teaspoon of it with a cup of hot water while rising or before going to bed can help in improving the issue.

  2. Psyllium: Intake of this 1-2 teaspoons of herb seed with warm water daily can control constipation related problems.

  3. Dandelion seeds: Boiling 1 teaspoon of this mild roots in water and having it 3 to 4 times a day can also help. One can also go for 3-4 tablets daily, in case one cannot handle its acquired taste. 

Ayurvedic tips for diarrhoea: 

An Ayurvedic remedy is to pacify the digestive fire, as the diarrhoea occurs when the fire is increased or weakened.

  1. Elements like cilantro, coconut, mint, coriander and fennel must be picked up in the food routine habits.
  2. 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk with a cup of fresh curd can also be taken at bedtime. But, before consuming this in daily activities, one should contact the Ayurvedic health practitioner as there are more things that are taken into account.

Ayurveda for bloating and formation of gas: 

Having some fennel seeds or ginger with hot water can also work in treating bloating and feeling of gas or heartburn. Chewing just fennel seeds after the meal can also be chosen for healing this problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicines for Digestion of Food

Ayurvedic treatment for digestion problem is found to be as one of the most acceptable and promising remedies in the new generation as well. 
Ayurveda products for digestion are easily found in the city market where one can avail those products for the treatment of digestion of food. 
Herbs like-
  • Shatapushpa- Foeniculum Vulgare, of 91 mg can one can choose of improving constipation.
  • Haritaki- Terminalia chebula, of 91 mg is the best medicine that is used for healing with the digestion issues.
  • Kapardika Bhasma- Intake of 45 mg is best for malabsorption syndrome that prevents the absorption of the nutrients of the food through the small intestine. Plain water, fruit juice - an apple or pomegranate juice or buttermilk is also known to be a good Ayurveda for better digestion.
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