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Asthma effect heart chakra

Tratak Holistic Clinic

Tratak Holistic Clinic

  Basvanagar, Bengaluru     Jan 30, 2017

   1 min     


Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrow the airways . patients suffering from Asthma appear to be gasping for breath.

This disease effect the heart chakra of the person. Hence one could say that Lack of love, forgiveness , compassion led a person to this disease, imbalance of self-control acceptance of oneself can also be reason behind it. Therefore one of the underlying causes of asthma is known to be anxiety and emotional stress. To balance heart chakra one could take Reiki , morning walk and spend some quality time with love ones


Reikii can be a very powerful tool to relief the stress, as it balance the heart chakra and fill it with love and forgiveness by transferring energy from nature to the effected person.  Reiki have the potential to reduce the frequency plus severity of Asthama attack.

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