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Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Do you sometimes feel like you are about to throw up, especially when you are up earlier than usual or are living life out of a suitcase?

This general feeling of unease or discomfort in the stomach which may be followed by the urge to vomit or expel out the contents of the stomach is nausea. Nausea is not considered as a disease in itself, it is more of a consequence of an underlying disease or condition such as early pregnancy, migraine, food poisoning, motion sickness, chemical toxins, severe pain, indigestion, emotional stress, etc.

What causes nausea?

There are numerous reasons as to why one might feel nauseated. The most common causes of nausea may include:

• Excessive drinking of alcohol
• Overeating
• Viral infections
• Motion sickness
• Infection from food
• Emotions like fear or other strong emotions
• Intense pain
• Headaches from migraine
• Certain chemical toxins that are present in the environment

How can we effectively deal with nausea with natural remedies?

Every case of nausea does not warrant immediate medical attention. Often, certain medications may result in worsening of the condition rather than easing it. Here is a list of natural remedies that can help ease the discomfort and relieve the queasiness of the stomach.



Ginger in just about any form; be it raw, mixed in tea or as ginger ale,is bound to stop the feeling of nausea and uneasiness in its tracks. Ginger is known to influence and boost the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes that help to neutralise the excess of stomach acid. Another active constituent of ginger is phenol, which acts as a muscle relaxant and reduces the hyper activity of the stomach muscles. Simultaneously, it enhances the movement of food and possibly toxins through the intestine. This allows the digested food and toxins to move out of the system quicker. You can take ginger in the form of capsules, suck on the raw peeled root or you can grate some and drink it with soup. Ginger ale or ginger tea is probably the best option as it will leave you feeling fresh in addition to relieving the symptoms.


When the nausea feeling reaches the point where you feel you may need to vomit, do not fight the urge to do the same. It is a natural process by which your body expels food that does not suit your body or is harmful for your stomach. Vomiting out the food may actually make you feel any better. Holding it in can harm your oesophagus. So if you are in the middle of something, it is okay to simply excuse yourself and vomit it out.


Sometimes, anxiety can play a big role in making you feel nervous. This can happen especially if you get anxious in a place where it would be unfortunate to vomit- like in a classroom or in a meeting. Your mind can be your biggest enemy in times like these. If you want to keep these thoughts out, try to distract yourself from these thoughts. Try focusing on your breath in such instances. Even though it may initially appear difficult, it has helped me divert attention and experience a heightened feeling of relief from the urge to puke.


Cut a small piece of lemon and keep it at a distance from your nose so that you can faintly smell the citrusy lemon, yet it is not overwhelming to your senses.


Peppermint, just like lemon, has the exceptional ability to tame a sick stomach. It is one of those fresh scents that have the remarkable ability to ward off nausea and leave you feeling refreshed. Rub some peppermint oil in the gums for immediate relief from nausea.


Sometimes fresh air is all you need to cure your nausea. When you start to feel sweaty, clammy and claustrophobic in a closed room, step outside and take a walk. This can help your nausea.


Cut a few wedges of lemon or lime and keep them in a zip-lock pouch and place it in the freezer. Whenever you feel nauseous, take out a piece of it and suck on it. The cool, zesty taste of the lemon will be help you overcome the nauseating feeling. If you were not prepared for it, unfrozen lime would work wonders as well.


If you are still feeling nauseated or sick in the stomach, you may be perpetuating the issue by not replacing the nutrient and fluids that you have lost. Even if you have not thrown up yet, do remember that drinking water sip by sip is probably one of the steadfast ways of dealing with nausea.

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