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7 Best Ways to Kill Workplace Stress

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jan 2, 2020

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Stress is somewhat a state of mind of depression, distress or a feeling of uneasiness due to causes of failure, danger, or adversity. It is a prevalent state of emotion that the population is suffering out of fear and agitation.  

Workplace Stress Causes

Some of the factors that usually prompt work-related stress include:

  • Extended hours with a heavy workload

  • Alterations within the organisation

  • Fixed deadlines

  • Changes to duties

  • Job insecurity

  • Lack of autonomy  

  • Poor working environment or Lack of proper resources and equipment

  • Over-supervision

  • Boring work

  • Insufficient skills for the job

  • Few promotional opportunities

  • Discrimination

  • Poor relationships with colleagues or bosses

  • Crisis incidents, such as an armed hold-up or workplace death

Workplace Stress Effects 

An Assocham study released in 2016 stated that about 42.5% of employees undergo stress and depression. “Because of demanding programs and schedules, high-stress levels, and performance-linked perquisites, notably in private sector, nearly 42.5 per cent of employees are troubled with depression or common anxiety disorder, in comparison with government employees who are with lesser levels of psychical demand at work.” The report revealed.

Cases like that of Ranjan Das, former chief executive officer (CEO) of SAP India, who died of a critical heart attack four years ago are not that surprising anymore. Despite being a young fitness freak (He was only 42), he underwent a stroke due to the extreme amount of stress that a massive number of corporate honchos in India Inc. are subjected to in today’s uber-competitive world. What worsened his infirmity was his sleeping hours (A super-low 4-5 every day). 

Again, more an ever-growing standard than an exception in present-day corporate India. A survey by enterprise lobby Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India in 2012 unveiled that due to unyielding schedules and exceptional stress levels, nearly 78% of corporate workers in India sleep less than the average of six hours a day, causing severe sleep disorders.

How to Overcome Workplace Stress?

Can stress really kill you?

No, your stress IS killing you. Right now. 

Without stressing you out further, here are six ways, how: 

  1. Stress increases the risk of heart disease1 and other cardiovascular dysfunctions (Fundamentally inflating the possibility of a potential heart attack multifold).

  2. Stress can cause digestive illnesses like Irritable Bowel Syndrome that activates stress-related disorders such as anxiety and depression- these again intensify the chance of heart disease.

  3. Stress significantly reduces the lifespan of your cells, from which a body is made up 

  4. Stress and anxiety attack your immunity system, which makes you inclined to all kinds of chronic and acute conditions.

  5. Stress heightens the venture for Diabetes 2- one of the biggest killers in India.

  6. Stress messes with your body’s sleep cycles, thereby causing insomnia, anxiety, and depression. All of these diseases link back to highly increased chances of Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension and Diabetes 2. 

Workplace Stress Management Strategies

Easier pronounced than performed, we know, but here are a few tried and tested ways: 

1. Sleep Well

A healthy sleep of at least 7-8 hours every night is essential for keeping stress at bay. Nevertheless, if you discover it tough to fall and stay asleep, here are a few measures you should take up:

  • Keep your sleep cycle uniform by going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time every day.

  • Cut down caffeine intake after 6 pm

  • Elude drinking liquor before proceeding to sleep; it lowers sleep quality significantly even if you think it helps you fall asleep faster

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising releases stress-fighting and happy hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which keep you calmer and lighter over a long period. Exercise also boosts productivity and mental alertness by as much as 25% and motivation by 40%, according to studies conducted by Bristol University. So cycle, weightlift, Suryanamaskar or dance your stress away. (There are countless options of stress-busting exercises!) Take your pick!

3. Yoga and Meditate Daily

Meditation, which frequently gets more straightforward and productive with regular practice, is useful in not only attacking stress but also raising your immune system, building mental coordination and keeping you relaxed and cheerful. 

4. Consume Right

If you are likely to develop stress and anxiety, several foods can benefit you get rid of that panicky sensations. Eat dark chocolate, sip green tea, milk or even pop some Popeye food. Yes, the leafy greens in your lavish palak paneer aid you stay peaceful while maintaining your iron intake game active. Let Spinach set sail your stress ashore!

5. Cut Vices

It not only covers the general suspects such as tobacco, liquors and drugs but also junk food and refined sugar! The latter two can be fatal because they function as significant triggers to different threatening circumstances such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and anxiety. Those crispy and crunchy potato chips are poisoning you with each mouthful, and they are right. (No single person can eat just one, because of its addictive ingredients that are carefully created to get you to covet more and more.)

6. Think Positive

Similar to meditation, this habit gets better with regular practice. Why is it one that is unquestionably worth acquiring? Multiple studies explain that optimists experience better coping mechanisms when confronted with stress. They have more powerful immunisation and tend to be emotionally, physically and mentally healthier. Relate to a cup half full, and you’ll soon see the cup of your life flourishing.

7. Healthy Sex

Assure that you have a healthful sex-life. Sex raises your overall state of mind, lessens stress levels, and encourages you to sleep better. So much easier to get the sleep after some satisfying intercourse. After all, there is a purpose for the All Work, No Play aphorism.  

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