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7 Kind of Boobs

Dr Yogishwarappa

Dr Yogishwarappa

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Jun 29, 2017

   7 min     



Every one of us has our own unique body and face, which is entirely okay. 

Some of us have a darker skin tone; some have fair. But no matter what, we all are beautiful. Right?

The same goes for women's breasts. Each woman has a different size and shape of the breast. 

Boobs or breasts are amusing old things, aren't they? 

Both useful and seen as charismatic, they are exceedingly varied between women. But we have come to a study that it's not just as simple as either having small ones or big boobs.

A Lingerie company has made it their profession to research the art of boobs and have discovered that there are seven distinct sets among women. And it's quite enchanting.

Purchasing a bra is not all about size; it turns out we should be thinking about which shape bras the prime things do for our bosom buddies, too. So act on which shape almost sounds like yours, and find out your perfect type of bra.

Here Are The 7 Most Common Breast Type

Women out there are aware that, how hard it is to get a perfect fitting bra because it's not only about ideal size but about the shape too.

1. Round Breasts

You've got Round boobs if your breasts appear to be equally full at both the bottom and top. If you have this boon, you don't tend to need distinctly structured, padded bras to aid shape the breasts – nature has done that for you.

Right Bra for Round Breasts

As far as these things go, you're lucky. Due to your shape, you don't need much in the way of support and can get away without underwiring and too much of a structured cup.

2. East-West Breasts

Probably of being an East-West kind of girl, if nipples point outward. You can put yourself in this category, if your actual nipples don't look in opposite directions of the compass, or if your general boob area seems to gravitate away from the centre of your chest.

Right Bra for East-West Breasts

For East-West ladies, a t-shirt bra is best, as this will push your breasts in slightly, giving you an even outline.

3. Side Set Breasts

You've got Side Set boobs if your breasts have a vast space between them, then your job here is done. These are likely to be a little fuller in shape than those who come under the East-West category.

Right Bra for Side Set Breasts

You need something a little more dramatic than a t-shirt bra. Instead, try a plunge bra which will help pull your breasts both up and in.

Try a larger cup size than usual, as you may find you spill out of the Side slightly.

4. Teardrop Breasts

Tear Drop boobs are absolutely what they sound like. You can identify with having Tear Drops, if they are rounded but moderately less full at the top, then which, fortunately for you, is the most amiable type of breast shape.

Right Bra for Teardrop Breasts

Lucky old you - not much! Your breasts will work with any type or style of the bra so have some fun with your lingerie!

5. Slender Breasts

Slender breasts are inclined to be fuller at the bottom, longer than they are wide and slimmer at the top. Extra confirmation for having slender boobs is if they are comparatively small in cup size.

Right Bra for Slender Breasts

Give a plunge bra a go as this will lift and centre your breasts. If it suits your body shape and you feel like it, a bra with padding on the outer curve will provide a bit more drama.

6. Asymmetric Breasts

It might sound strange, but most women have irregularities in the boobs in some form or shape. But if one of your breasts is remarkably larger than the other, then this is your stop: you have got Asymmetric breasts. Generally, the difference in size is not so serious that you have to start getting special bras fitted.

Right Bra for Asymmetric Breasts

A bra with removable inserts/padding means you can address any difference in size by removing the padding on your larger Side

7. Bell Shape Breasts

Bell Shape breasts sound particularly identical to slender boobs, but Bell Shapes are inclined to be larger than Slenders. So when you are picking a bra for yourself, think support, and try to stay away from those bothersome balconettes which will perhaps have you spilling out from all angles.

Right Bra for Bell Shape Breasts

Ladies with bell shapes need a fair amount of coverage and lift, as they tend to be buxomer than their Slender sisters.

Pretty as they may be, try to avoid balconette bras.

What decides your breast shape?

Although breast shapes are entirely natural, some factors can affect breast shapes and sizes. Here they are-

  1. Genetics- It is common when we found similar habits and face features as parents, so as breast shapes. They can be identical to mother or family members.

  2. Weight- Women's breast has a large part of the fat that decides size and density, healthy breast size and shape changes with weight.

  3. Exercise- Exercise builds up muscles, which makes your breast look firmer and perkier.

  4. Age- Breasts naturally sags when you get older. 

  5. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding- Change in hormones during pregnancy can cause swelling and change in shape.

What about Areolae?

Areolae is the area around your nipple, which can be different in colour and size to everyone. It depends on your skin colour tone, and the average size is 4 cm in diameter. 

The areola contains the Montgomery tubercles. These are small glands which secrete a certain fluid with important functions. The fluid protects and lubricates the skin, and it has an odour that attracts a breastfeeding infant.

What about Nipples?

The nipple is present at the very centre of your breasts, surrounded by the areolae and is then linked to the mammary glands which produce the milk. There are 8 different types of nipples in the world,

  • Supernumerary nipples - These nipples are excessively small in size and may even appear as flat moles.

  • Bumpy nipples - These nipples have bumps around them, on the areola. The bumps are known as Montgomery glands and might look like whiteheads.

  • Unilateral inverted nipples - In such sets of breasts, one nipple is inverted while the other is inverted inside the areola.

  • inverted nipples - These nipples are retracted inside the areola.

  • Hairy nipples - These nipples may have some stray, dark hair growth on them, and it’s perfectly normal.

  • Puffy nipples - these nipples, along with areola looks like a raised orb on top of the breasts.

  • Flat nipples - These nipples are flat and blends into the areola

  • Protruding nipples - These nipples are pointed outwards and is raised a bit above the areola.

How to increase breast size and shape?

Here are some ways that will help you in increasing breast size that includes exercises, food habits and changes in lifestyles-

1) Exercise To Increase Breast Size
  • Push-Ups

  • Wall- Ups

  • Dumbbells

2) Diet For Bigger Boobs
  • Milk

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

  • Soy

  • Nuts

3) Massage Cream

For proper growth of boobs, you need to choose the right bra for yourself. Also, you can find massage cream in the market for better breast growth. 

So there you go. Which one are you?

Final Words

A healthy diet, Exercise & Right Bra, these three are the key of a well-shaped breast. Any pain or abnormality can be a serious issue!!

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