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6 tips to stay fit in winters

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   3 min     


When it gets chilly and cold, you rather bundle up on a comfortable sofa in the warmth of your living room and watch a movie or read a book, while sipping a steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate. But, as essential as it is to stay warm and cosy, it is also important to stay fit and active.

While you may reduce the amount of physical exercise you do during the winters, ensure that you exercise enough to keep yourself fit. Here are 6 essentials tips that will help you stay fit as a fiddle during the cold winter months:

  1. A good warm-up is important

Make sure to do a quick warm up indoors, before you go out for your physical routine. This will help initiate effective blood flow in the body, especially to your muscles and joints. If you start exercising while your muscles and joints are still stiff, it can do you more harm than good.

The following are a few easy warm-up exercises to help your body get ready to sweat it out:

  • Foam rolling- roll you back, neck, hand and arms so that they lose their stiffness.
  • Jog- jog at one place, to increase blood flow in the joint of your legs and arms.
  • Stretch- stretching your body, will help get the blood flowing.
  1. Find a partner

Winters can make you lethargic. Therefore, ensure that you have a ‘workout buddy’ especially during the cold months, so that you can motivate each other to remain active and healthy. A friendly competitive relation to stay fit, will go a long way for you and your partner.

You can either take walks or indulge in a short run once in a while. You and your friend can also play sports such as tennis and squash, which is a great way to have some fun together and achieve a full body workout at the same time.

If you own a dog, he can prove to be your ideal ‘workout buddy’ during the winter months. Just ensure that you diligently take your dog out for a run. The winter air will not only benefit your beloved pet but will also keep you fit and fresh.

  1. Register with a fitness group online

Make sure you join a reliable fitness group online, so that you remain motivated and get to interact with like-minded individuals. You can also take pictures of your progress and post them on social media for some self-boost!

  1. Try out a new exercise routine

You can try a new gym or a new workout routine for some added motivation to exercise. If you are regular at the gym, then maybe try walking or running in the park for a change. If your daily exercise involves walking, you can burn some extra calories by skipping as well. Join a fun aerobics class or a power yoga class to get you through the winters.

If you are really put off with the cold weather and none of the above interests you during these months, you can join a dance class. It will help you burn calories and you can have some well-deserved fun at the same time!

  1. Invest in new exercise accessories and gear

Buying a pair of new yoga pants, sweatshirt or even sneakers, will give you more of an incentive to workout. You will definitely want to try out your most recent purchases, and thus you will definitely want to exercise.

  1. Try indoor workouts

Well, if the weather outside is too cold for an outdoors workout, why not try an indoor exercise session? There are plenty of apps and videos available online from which you can choose from. Start with a basic indoor workout session and work yourself up the ladder during the course of the winter months. This is a very effective way of keeping fit without facing the freezing wind outside.

Healthy exercise is an important aspect of staying fit and the cold weather should not stop you. Along with exercise, be sure to eat healthy too. You can enjoy scrumptious soups and mugs of hot chocolate at this time of the year, while maintaining a balanced diet.

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