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6 Homeopathy Remedies to Treat a Colic Baby

Dr Karagada Sandeep

Dr Karagada Sandeep

  Jayanagar, Bengaluru     May 6, 2019

   6 min     



Colic is not a disease or diagnosis, but a combination of baffling behaviour. It is uncontrollable crying in a baby

It’s a widespread problem that occurs almost in every infant. And sometimes it is challenging to calm a colic baby. It is characterised by constant crying, often inconsolable, usually in the evenings and often through the night. 

What Causes Colic in Babies?

The exact cause of colic in babies is still unknown, that’s why the doctors are not very sure about how to cure it and help the babies. However, Some experts think it may be associated with intestinal discomfort stemming from:

  • a food allergy or sensitivity
  • over-or underfeeding
  • Gas
  • improper digestion
  • infrequent burping
  • A moody baby
  • Change of hormones which cause stomach ache
  • A growing digestive system with muscles
  • A developing nervous system
  • Overstimulation or oversensitivity by noise, light, etc.

Symptoms of Colic in Your Baby

  • Every day, the baby started crying at the same time
  • Baby will begin crying without any reason
  • You may observe some moves like clenching his fists or pulling up his legs or moving his arms or more
  • You can see rapid movement in his eyes
  • Bowel activity may increase
  • Baby is not sleeping in his usual time

Colic may also be:

  • a symptom of a baby migraine
  • a response to maternal smoking
  • a response to stress or anxiety in the family

Having excluded underlying pathology, the standard advice given by GP's and health visitors is winding technique, Infacol or Gripe Water. These measures are often ineffective, but for­tunately there are a number of homeo­pathic medicines that may be effective.

How to determine a Homoeopathic remedy for Colic

Doctors diagnose the infant child by the “rules of three.”

  • Your baby is crying for at least three days a week
  • Your baby is crying continuously for at least three hours
  • Persists for at least three weeks in a row

But, a homoeopath is curious to know more than the diagnosis of Colic. During a consultation, the homoeopath expert will be intrigued to know the following information to help in choosing a proper remedy for your baby.

  1. What does the baby do when in pain (stretches out, arches her back, moves constantly),
  2. When the Colic is at its worst – morning, night, during sleep, before or immediately after eating, before/after stool or flatulence
  3. Stools – any variations in habits, easy or problem in expelling, pain, odour
  4. What gives them partial relief (massaging or applying pressure, carrying them over your shoulder, rocking them softly or hard)
  5. Abdomen – is it swollen or hard, whether there is any sound of bubbling or gurgling
  6. Appetite and hunger, weight loss or persistent weight
  7. Emotionally what appears to help or aggravate the child – being carried, soothed, rocked, or being with the company.
  8. How does the colic cry vary from baby’s other cries, for example, when hungry or tired.
  9. Any other signs such as cheek colour, vomiting, sweat, hiccups, etc
  10. Mother’s diet

6 Best Homoeopathy Baby Colic Remedies

1. Chamomilla

In this case, babies become fretful and irritable, sleepless, distress after nursing, etc. When they try to sleep, their bodies suddenly start jerking, which makes them feel capricious and thirsty. This remedy is helpful for babies with hypersensitive to pain.

2. Colocynth

The child is concealed in every possible direction and feels in great distress. He cries very loudly. Hence, babies who feel incredibly anxious and often feel relieved after hard press against the abdomen.

3. Ipecacuanha

Babies with much sickness in their stomach need this remedy.

4. Magnesia Carb

Magnesia Carbonica, as a homoeopathic remedy, is used to treat colic in babies. Babies who cry day and night need this colic remedy.

5. Nux Vomica

Babies going through constipation and cry much require this remedy. Another symptom for this remedy is, babies draw their feet up and kick them either out or arches backwards. If the baby’s mother has consumed more spicy and stimulating food, this is an indication of that.

6. Podophyllum

In this, the baby gets a colic attack every morning. If the baby is getting a severe colic attack, it causes complete retraction of abdominal muscles. So, podophyllum can be helpful to treat this.

Feeding Tips

Some parents bother about what they should feed their baby or what they eat if they are breastfeeding. 

Understanding formula intolerance.

It’s been seen several times that the babies will be really fussy and begin with a colic cry shortly after a bottle feed. Infants fed a cow’s milk-based formula may go colicky if they’re allergic to the protein or can’t bear the lactose in cow’s milk.

Replacing those babies to a goat’s milk-based formula can certainly help as goat’s milk is less allergenic and easier to digest.

This can also be valid for breastfed babies if the mum swallows milk in her diet. That’s because a likely allergenic protein called beta-lactoglobulin in cow’s milk is carried to the baby through the breast milk.

Considering food sensitivities.

Breastfeed mothers are savvy at forming a relationship between what they eat and how it impacts their baby. Common offenders are spicy food, coffee, wheat, and cruciferous (gassy) vegetables.

Help them swallow less air.

Try a specific bottle produced to decrease gas or a nipple with a smaller hole. Sit them up while they consume, so that they swallow less air. Remember to burp them during and after feedings.

It is highly recommended to talk to your paediatrician if anything doesn’t work out for your baby.

Home Remedies for Colic

  • Bicycling Your Baby’s Legs: To mitigate pain connected with constipation, try Bicycling your baby’s legs and tucking them into your baby’s chest.
  • Massage: Touch is a lot more than a reminder of the womb; like milk, it’s a vital nutrient for growth. Some study has found that healthy, full-term babies who were massaged everyday cried less, were more warned and socially involved, and had reduced levels of stress hormones.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics are unquestionably no silver bullet solution (study reveals that their effectiveness is basically a coin toss). Nevertheless, they may help in reducing intestinal inflammation in a few infants, and that might ease cramping from an overactive gastrocolic reflex.

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