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30 incredible life hacks for expectant mothers

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   6 min     


The most beautiful stage in a women’s life is pregnancy. However, Pregnancy can either be difficult or beautiful depending upon the symptoms and stress which occurs during pregnancy. A woman can enjoy and revel in only when she learns to stay healthy and understand the ways which lessen the discomforts which pregnancy brings in. To make the expectant mothers life easier during pregnancy, here are some of the incredible life hacks for expectant mothers.

1. Avoid everything around you which makes you feel nauseous. Have citrus fruits or crackers when nausea strikes you. Ginger also is a good remedy for nausea. Drink black ginger tea to ease your nausea.

2. Getting easily tired is a common pregnancy symptom. Deficiency of iron usually leads to fatigue in pregnancy. Take food rich in iron content such as leafy vegetables, poultry, whole grains, red meat and beans.

3. Reduce strenuous work such as shopping and cleaning the house

4. The indefinable thing about pregnancy is sleep. An interrupted sleep results when there is general pregnancy pains and aches. Hence the use of pregnancy pillows which comes in all sizes, shapes and levels of squishiness are generally recommended

5. Weight gain is the common problem which a pregnant women generally face. Hence, a daily 30- 40 minute walk will help the mothers to keep those extra weights off from pregnancy. Taking time for prenatal yoga is also an other means of exercise to the body which helps to reduce the stress

6. Because the important part of pregnancy health are prenatal vitamins, boost the pregnancy food with some of the important prenatal vitamins. Choosing the foods with the nutritional content is increasingly being recommended instead of popping vitamin pills

7. Research suggests that sparkling a couple of drops of lavender oil would help the mothers to get good sleep in night. But, choosing all the essential oils should be made as recommended by the health care provider as these oils are generally avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy

8. Sprinkle a psyllium husk to relieve the issues of constipation which is the most common side effects of pregnancy. Psyllium husk is a natural solution to combat the blocked-up feeling of constipation

9. Practice doing prenatal yoga daily which helps your breath and the body for the good preparation for the delivery

10. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, this will make you to stay healthy. If you feel nauseated with lots of water down, then try munching water filled fruits such as cucumbers and melons. You can even crunch crushed ice all the day.

11. Leg cramps are other common problems which are faced by the expectant mothers during pregnancy. Taking foods with electrolytes and potassium will help you to be relieved with leg cramps. Expectant mothers can opt for electrolyte filled water such as sugary sports drink and a pair of banana to eat though out the day

12. Sit on a squishy exercise ball if you have trouble sitting during day time. This will help you to provide with a stretchy surface when compared to hard office chair

13. Exposure to sunlight is important to both mother and the baby. Hence expectant mother should be provided with the adequate amount of vitamin A

14. Instead of investing money in maternity clothes, a regular jeans can be stretched with the use of sturdy rubber band. Extend the jeans by putting the band half way through button hole and then putting the elastic through the hole at the other end and pulling it tight. When you are wearing the pant, pull the loop of the rubber over to the bottom. This relieves the expectant mothers waist with one or two inches

15. Schedule the visits to your doctor all through the due date to keep the stress out from not able to book the doctor’s appointment.

16. Avoid eating raw/ undercooked eggs as it might carry pathogens/ germs which results in food borne illness

17. As the size of the breast increases every month during pregnancy, buy “bra back extenders” instead of shopping for new ones every month

18. If the expectant mother wants to sleep on her belly, buy her a giant inner tube which helps to stretch the ligaments and relax the back and shoulders

19. A symptom of heart burn is very common in pregnancy. Get an apple cider vinegar which works well for heartburn

20. Because the shape and size of the body changes during the pregnancy, buy a comfortable joggers at the beginning of the pregnancy which will become the transition cloth when the baby is born. Money can be saved by using the same cloth in both the period.

21. Any pregnancy related discomfort and the pain can be relieved with the use of a sports tape

22. If you are going for the waxing in the lady areas, use a numbing spray before, because lot of extrablood flows in those areas during pregnancy

23. Take a dietary supplement such as Cal-Mag, which will help provide a good source of calcium and magnesium and helps to calm the painful leg cramps, acts as an aid for sleeplessness and helps in preventing preeclampsia

24. If you can’t take anything down, ginger, watermelon, potato chips and lemonade are better options

25. Because the pregnant women’s gag reflex and bladder are not in good contact, always pee before brushing the teeth.

26. Instead of using a toilet paper, use baby wipes because it will be difficult to reach the area during third trimester of pregnancy. Baby wipes also helps to keep the area as clean and fresh as possible

27. The feeling of itchiness is the common complaint addressed by most of the expectant mothers during pregnancy. Running a warm, milky oatmeal bath will relief you and lessen the discomfort

28. The temperature of the body during pregnancy is generally high. Hence it is necessary to stay cool during this period. One of the simplest possible way of staying cool is by keeping a spray bottle in the bag. This will help in spritzing the water on the face and the neck

29. Because restrictions in diet comes along with the pregnancy, there are some foods and drinks which are generally avoided. Instead of drinking caffeinated teas, herbal teas are more preferable

30. Stress which occurs in most expectant mothers can be relieved by taking a deep breath, doing meditation or by practicing relaxation techniques

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