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25 Everyday Foods That Are Potentially Fuelling a Future Heart Attack

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Heart attacks or heart arrests are dangerous medical conditions that often prove to be fatal. These are conditions that are known to be brought by a blockage in heart arteries and require the person who is suffering from this to be hospitalized immediately.

While a heart attack can come upon a person very suddenly, its causes are gradual and often the food that you eat in your everyday life can play a significant role in bringing about a heart attack in your system. To know more about such foods that cause heart risk, the following points need to be kept in mind.

Fruit Juice

Artificial Fruit juice is a hundred percent natural and is rich in vitamin C. Yet it contains as much as thirty-six grams of sugar and also has plenty of salicylic acids which can also be found in aspirins and which is known to trigger heart attacks in people.


Various forms of beef steak like T-Bone, Rib Eye, and the New York Strip contain huge amounts of fat that are terrible for the heart. These also lead to large weight circumference and abdominal obesity.

French Fries

French Fries always contain large amounts of salt and fat which in turn can increase the cholesterol levels in your body. Additionally, the simple carbohydrates present in fries can spike your blood sugar levels, disrupting the adequate flow of blood to the arteries and in turn create terrible conditions for your heart.


The saturated fat that is contained in pizza is a major contributor to the clogging of heart arteries. Its consumption should, therefore, be as minimal as possible and should be accompanied by the intake of healthy foods like a house salad in order to reduce the ill effects associated with it.


Various forms of cheese especially the Mozzarella cheese that is used in a wide range of gourmet food items contain plenty of saturated fat in it. As a result, the intake of cheese especially excessive amounts of it can prove to be really bad for your cardiovascular health.

Diet Soda and Potato Chips

  • Diet soda is wonderful to have on a hot summer’s day, but it has a substantive concentration of empty calories that are dangerous for the heart.
  • These empty calories simply make you more obese rather than helping you lose weight and ruin the health of your heart at the same time.
  • Similarly, potato chips contain saturated fat and are crusted with salt both of which contribute to the clogging of arteries in your body.
  • Daily consumption of potato chips also leads to the addition of as many as two hundred pounds of flab in your body, making these dangerous and undesirable for consumption.

Bouillon Cubes

These are made with the help of low sodium broth or homemade stock and are extremely delicious to taste. The presence of a considerable amount of monosodium glutamate can cause you to put on some extra pounds, thus increasing your cholesterol levels, and damaging the heart.

Sausages and Bacon

  • Deli meats like bacon and sausages can definitely prove your heart condition at risk.
  • The preservatives that are contained in these interfere with the natural ability of your body to process sugar.
  • The fact that these are loaded with sodium indicates that these can make you suffer from hypertension which in turn can lead to heart disease.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are delicious to taste but can be very bad for your heart since these contain around 58 grams of sugar, 127 carbohydrates, and 880 calories in each. Eating cinnamon rolls is the same as eating ten wafer chips all at the same time and is, therefore, the kind of food you should avoid to keep yourself healthy.

Chinese Takeaway Food

Chinese food items like sweet and sour pork, sesame chicken and spicy vegetable soup are characterized by deep fried breading and sugary sauces. These are packed with carbohydrates, sodium, calories and fatty acids all of which can trigger heart conditions in a flash.

Blended Coffees

Blended coffee is definitely a wonderful beverage to indulge in especially if you are a working professional and need to be on the move constantly. The caffeine contained in this can increase your blood pressure levels while the excessive amount of sugar can spike your blood glucose, thus making you vulnerable to heart disease.

White Rice

Whole grains of white rice are delicious to taste and can seem apparently healthy to one and all. These are grains that are entirely stripped of nutrients and can add a considerable amount of calories to your body, making you obese in the long run and exposing you to terrible heart conditions that could be difficult to treat.

Buttermilk Biscuits and Margarine

  • Buttermilk biscuits are always very popular among one and all but are dangerous for the health of your heart.
  • These are biscuits that are made with hydrogenated sodium oil and contain three grams of calories each.
  • While margarine is a good alternative to butter, the presence in this of partially hydrogenated oils makes it highly rich in trans-fat.
  • Consequently, this can prove to be quite dangerous for your heart and also for the quality of your skin, which can end up looking wrinkled and dry especially if you decide to incorporate margarine in your daily diet.

Fried Chicken

Grilled chicken breasts are beautiful to dig into but have huge amounts of cholesterol in them exposing you to the risk of incurring heart disease at some point or the other. Care should, therefore, be taken to have chicken in boiled or baked form as health hazards are reduced considerably when you do so.

Ice Cream

While the consumption of ice cream is generally known to be harmless, it adds a lot of calories to your body, thus increasing cholesterol levels as well. Two cups of ice cream can lead you to add more than three hundred grams of cholesterol to your body, which is more than what a healthy individual should intake.

Frozen Pies

While frozen pies are delicious to taste, these have a high concentration of trans-fatty acids in them. It has been acknowledged by health experts around the world that there is indeed a positive correlation as far as heart disease and trans-fat is concerned which is why you should always avoid eating pies, no matter how great these are for your palate.

Canned Vegetables

These may seem like a healthy option to you, but in fact, they are not. Canned vegetables have huge amounts of sodium in them which are not great for the heart and which can also expose you to a number of other health risks like obesity in the long run.

Restaurant Soup and Cold Cuts

  • There can be nothing better than ordering some hot soup at a restaurant, yet doing so might prove to be harmful to you.
  • Restaurant soups are made with a lot of sodium or salt as a result of which these are amazing to taste but dangerous for your heart
  • The cold cuts that you use in sandwiches also have a rich dose of salt in them and are also high in calories making it possible for you to incur heart disease at any point in time when you eat these on a regular basis.

Frozen Meals

All the frozen meals that you are served on flights, in trains or those that you buy from the supermarket have a lot of sodium in them. Hence you should avoid taking these all together if you want to keep your heart in condition and if you can’t avoid eating these, their intake is something that you should accompany with a good number of detox drinks or even water.

Vegetable Juice

This seems to be healthy for sure, but it isn’t. Eating your greens is a far better option than taking a sip of them.
There are very few vegetable juices out there that are of a low sodium blend. Most of them have large amounts of sodium that can prove to be terrible for the cholesterol levels in your body.

Capers and Ketchup

The Ketchup that you take along with your fried chicken and French fries goes a long way in exposing you to heart disease. This is known to have a lot of salt in it and plenty of oil too, making it something that you should definitely exclude from your diet if you want to keep your heart healthy.

Thus, there are quite a few foods that you need to avoid in your daily diet if you wish to be in good health for the most of the year and keep yourself from suffering from heart disease.

Heart arrests and disease can most certainly be avoided if you eat right and get the regular exercise that your body needs in order to keep cholesterol and sugar levels completely stable.

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